Welcome to After the Monsoon. At one level, it is the place to find out about my art, my teaching and my work and escorted journeys in Nepal.

At another level After the Monsoon is a celebration of waking up and having another chance to live a compassionate and mindful life.

Why After the Monsoon?

During the monsoon, Nepal  is a sea of swirling colour.  Mud laden rivers surge, gutters gush, lightning cracks, thunder crashes and sweat flows.

After the monsoon, the world is aglow. Greens of such intensity they nearly hurt your eyes. Colour abounds – vermillion, magenta, violet, scarlet and glowing yellows.  This vibrant fertility is my metaphor for abundant generosity.  It feeds my passion for colour and nourishes my art and my teaching.

I no longer live in Nepal but spend months there each year with the women of Samunnat Nepal and taking interested travellers on the Colourful Journey. Read more about me here and please enjoy exploring the site and reading my blog.

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