DSCN2729The Colourful Journey is a trip like no other.  On the surface, it’s a handicraft journey in Eastern Nepal but really, it’s a liberating immersion into a vibrant and colourful culture and a magnificent landscape!

Our next 15 day trip will take place in March 2018. Contact us for exact dates. Past travellers have had a fantastic time and would be happy to be in touch with anyone who would like to find out more.

This trip is for you if you are flexible, good humoured and have a certain stamina for the occasional cold shower and shopping in fabulous markets. Your willingness to step off the beaten track will be rewarded by a wonderful experience in a fascinating country with other flexible and good humoured people.

For many, the highlight of the trip has been the time spent in Birtamod with the ladies of Samunnat Nepal.  Read more about the trip here.  Feel free to contact me if you have questions or contact Bishnu at Himalayan Sunrise for more detailed information.

Nepal was my home for four years and I love sharing the rich culture and the handicraft traditions. I enjoy travelling with like minded people off the beaten track with my dear Nepali brother, mero bhai, Bishnu Rai, who is even more passionate about sharing his country with people than I am.  Bishnu has many years experience in trekking and touring and an incredibly kind and generous heart. In addition to the many other treks he leads, he enthusiastically joins us for The Colourful Journey.

While one lot of Colourful Journey trippers tripped, a couple of old codgers (husbands who would have distracted us) trekked in the Kanchendzonga region.  One, a Himalayan veteran, was enamoured with the experience and happy to chat with people about this very off the beaten track experience!  Check Bishnu’s website for details of these treks and others that he is leading throughout the year.

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