Eric Hansen says in The Traveller:

If there is an element of greatness in the act of travel, it is the courage to step out of what is familiar to you and follow your feelings and indulge your curiosity.  The most precious gift to bring back from a journey is the ability to see the extraordinary in the everyday and the knowledge that you can do far more than you ever thought possible… 

He goes on to say:

Travel magnifies and intensifies life.  It allows you the opportunity to recapture a feeling of wonder, innocence and youth, and depending on how vulnerable you are willing to become, it can also deliver a profound experience of reality that can rattle your most basic beliefs.  If nothing else, it is an excellent way of escaping self-imposed inhibitions, public scrutiny and the mundane routines of daily life that we cunningly devise for our selves…the art of Himalayan travel-and indeed of all adventures-is the art of being bold enough to ENJOY LIFE NOW. 

Just after the invention of the wheel, my brave parents took my sister and me, as surly teenagers, to Nepal.  It is all their fault.  I tell them, with love of course, that they only have themselves to blame for my somewhat nomadic life style!  I love being in Nepal and I love sharing Nepal with others.

On our Colourful Journey in Nepal, Bishnu Rai and I encourage experiences that magnify and intensify life.  We share the extraordinary Nepal that we know and love.  Obviously, we see the challenges and the difficulties, but we also see the courage and the determination of people who live in this beautiful country.  We see the magic that happens when our travellers meet our friends in Nepal and share in their lives.   Please contact me about our journeys or see Bishnu’s Himalayan Sunrise website listed in the Links.