Eastern Nepal was my home for four years and I love sharing the rich culture, the strong connections between people and the handicraft traditions. My dear friend, Bishnu Rai and I share all this in a tour which we call a Colourful Journey. We’ve been doing this since 2011.

If you enjoy travelling off the beaten track and want to be a responsible traveller who meets some amazing people then this may be the trip for you.  The highlights of the trip are real connections with local people and meeting the women running grass roots empowerment organisations including Samunnat Nepal, Sonrisa and Asha Nepal. Not to mention fabulous food, creative opportunities and being in the company of highly experienced and passionate guides!

After an enforced COVID hiatus, we are starting them again in Nepal 2023. They will be run in conjunction with the fabulous team at Project Didi. Register your interest in our next trip here!

If there is an element of greatness in the act of travel, it is the courage to step out of what is familiar to you and follow your feelings and indulge your curiosity.  The most precious gift to bring back from a journey is the ability to see the extraordinary in the everyday and the knowledge that you can do far more than you ever thought possible…Travel magnifies and intensifies life.  It allows you the opportunity to recapture a feeling of wonder, innocence and youth, and depending on how vulnerable you are willing to become, it can also deliver a profound experience of reality that can rattle your most basic beliefs.  If nothing else, it is an excellent way of escaping self-imposed inhibitions, public scrutiny and the mundane routines of daily life that we cunningly devise for our selves…the art of Himalayan travel-and indeed of all adventures-is the art of being bold enough to ENJOY LIFE NOW. 

Eric Hansen