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#polymerartchallenge 4

This necklace is significant as it was the first thing I made that was direct response to a place near my current home which is on the edge of the outback in Broken Hill.  We spentDSCN3417 an atypically pleasantly cool Australia Day weekend camping in Mutawintji National Park and it was very beautiful. Sadly, it was very nearly overrun by feral goats, which is why I wanted to incorporate faux pooh in the necklace. Life is beauty and ugliness.  We have revisited and there has been some culling but the feral goat problem is a huge one.
This piece was also part of my very first solo exhibition, one of the scariest but most satisfying things I have done!
Nomination: Wendy Martin ( a local artist, a student of mine who is an amazing painter who now makes amazing polymer jewellery. Not sure if she has a Facebook page but I will check!)
The rules: Post an image of your work on 5 days and each day nominate another person to participate