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And now for something a tiny bit different…

Alter Ego 009I am inspired by Marlene Brady, who is, as my sister would say, SOOOOO CREATIVE!!! Marlene’s blog is a joy for its diversity.  She does amazing figurative work in polymer, bead crochet and weaving, paintings, sketching, so much.  I am learning about multi passionate introverts  (no reason. LOL) and while I don’t know if she is an introvert, you’d have to call Marlene multi passionate!  In searching for suitable pictures to accompany my post I found Marlene’s Alter Ego (L). And here is her accompanying post. Truly aColorBands w Blk Wht-01_a perfect image for a multi passionate!  Love it.

Marlene inspires me to rejoice in my need to for change sometimes. To have several projects on the go.  This suits how I work. I find that telling myself I will sit down and work at something I find hard for a short period, means I am less likely to procrastinate or put off doing it at all. Often, I end up sticking at it until I have got a bigger chunk done than if I told myself I had to spend a day on it!

photo-1And making these necklaces was a reward for getting tough job done!  A few years ago, I got a bag of tiny textile pockets and pom poms from Kulshi Mumkin. I wrote about using some on jacket and Christmas stockings here.  My plan was to turn others into necklaces and yesterday I did. I combined them with some of my faux beads and wanted to create two quite different moods.

I teamed the vibrant, bright coloured ones with ties made from Nepaliphoto striped fabric and the more subdued, ancient looking ones with plaited silk ribbons.  Probably more Winter jewellery but if I was into selfies you could see one on me now in spite of the Outback heat!


Upcycled Display Stand

DSCN3548I am still mourning the loss of the tip shop. (If anyone is interested in the tender to the Broken Hill Tip Shop, please contact the Council.  At least two of us are suffering severe scavenging withdrawal symptoms!)  I’m having to rely on my stash which shows the wisdom of having a stash doesn’t it?  Inspired by my daughter who blogs about creative storage and organisation (and occasionally about incredibly cute goldenDSCN3555 labrador puppies and aren’t we all excited!!??) and by the amazing Marlene Brady who has excelled herself with her revolving jewellery stand here, I decided (read: was driven by necessity) to work something out for displaying the Samunnat ladies’ shisha bracelets.

It is nowhere near as magnificent as Marlene’s, but it does make use of tip finds , rolls from paper towels and my beloved lokta paper-the Nepali paper made from daphne bark.  I have three of these stands now and a very unattractive metal mug holder that also serves as a shisha display stand.  My life has been somewhat dominated by plaster and papier mache of late but progress is being made.  I am having to accept that I won’t get all I wanted donw before I leave but in the spirit of enough, I am happy enough with what is happening!

More soon.