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A week of favourites….starting with Luann Udell

photoYou have to love a woman who uses the phrase a whole nother in her book! Well I do!  I adore that Luann Udell uses a phrase that is one of our family in-jokes in her thoughtful book about How to Get People out of Your Craft Booth.  And I love a woman who talks about getting people OUT rather than IN! She writes with a refreshingly different approach.

I write about Luann because I have decided that each day this week I will write a brief post about a site I love.  In no particular order.  This does not mean I only have 5 favourites, but there are very few I subscribe to, or visit regularly and I am choosing 5 of them to let you know about this week hoping you might enjoy them too!!!

Luann Udell is a mixed media artist who writes so very well that I would read one ofudell her shopping lists really. She writes with authenticity, humour, compassion, wisdom and vulnerability.  She writes about making her art, her family, her fears, her joys, her bereavement work, her business.  She subtitles her blog Muddling Through Life with Art and so many of her posts have resonated for me, or challenged me, or inspired me, or set me thinking differently.  Recently, she wrote a post called Sipping From the Fire Hose about the blessing/ curse the internet can be for creative souls.

The aforementioned book is an e-book and I got it thinking it would be a good but perhaps irrelevant read.  I was so wrong. I loved it.  Such sensible, practical wisdom. Wry observations, realistic advice, really good.  I could see applications to MANY things, even development work but hey, that may just be me!

Enough from me but here are links to five I’ve valued. Explore, ponder, enjoy! And look at her magnificent art while you are there.  I hope I have been able to work out how to put some pieces in this post!

Luann’s thoughts on time management for Creative People

Her thoughts about when you can call yourself an artist

She wrote about Ten myths about artists-here’s one. Explore the others.

Comments I found liberating about who I created for

Some thoughts on anxiety and fear that I remember really got me thinking.

Another Wendy Moore Favourite tomorrow! Strap yourself down!


Living on the edge

This was going to be a review of blister prevention treatment (No, seriously!  I am in a great position to advise on this!) but I can write about this later.  In light of my comments about living a little bit on the edge, a different post seemed apt.edge

I am catching up on the Studio Mojo reading I missed while I was away and in May, Cynthia put the Mojoettes onto this  post by Seth Godin. He differentiates between what we don’t do because we are afraid, and what we don’t do because of our fear of  feeling afraid! Interesting to think about.  He asks us to consider whether we are avoiding the unsafe or merely the feeling of being unsafe?  And his alternative to avoiding the feeling? He suggests we dance with it…to seek out the interactions that will trigger the resistance and might make us uncomfortable.

It fitted with something I read this week by Pema Chodron:

If we really want to communicate, we have to give up knowing what to do. When we come in with our agendas, they only block us from seeing the person in front of us. It’s best to drop our five-year plans and accept the awkward sinking feeling that we are entering a situation naked.

She talks a lot about this.  She is not saying don’t be prepared or don’t plan.  But she warns against clinging onto those preparations and plans when they are not working or helpful.  As a rule I’m not your walk into a situation totally naked kind of girl really.  But I’m learning that dropping my own agenda helps me to connect better with people.  When I am less locked into my way being the ONLY/ BEST way, I can be more flexible and gracious about unexpected Safetythings, and can learn even better ways from (as Seth Godin calls them) the interactions that can trigger resistance.

Then, my wonderful friend Indigo Kate shared this diagram which says so much so succinctly!  So much of what I am doing now sits out side the small circle.  Which is kind of nervy for me. But every day, there is a bit of magic.

PS: A comfort zone for your feet IS important though, especially if you are walking many kilometres each day, so be assured, I will share my blister prevention wisdom with you soon. Strap yourselves down.