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Why I love face to face teaching and other observations on life

In the absence of blogging I have been teaching and making which is what it is all about really isn’t it?  A group of us have recently been exploring colour and making lots of glorious jewellery in the Intrinsic Colour classes. On August 6 we start the three classes that make up my Extrinsic Colour (Colour 102) series. Read about it here. (Scroll down) Each class is totally self contained but they do work wonderfully as a series and those who have done all three classes so far, I think/ hope would agree. In the Intrinsic colour series (Colour 101) they used monochromatic, analogous and complementary colour schemes and created their own personal palettes.

We’d all agree that we’ve pushed our selves in terms of colour choices and made some surprising and delightful discoveries. I love watching the transformation from tentative I will do this because Wendy said to take risks and be brave to WOW! I actually really like this. I can’t deny though that there is a lot of Ooooh, I love what you have done as well! Some participants deliberately chose colours they NEVER wore and discovered some really exciting palettes.

We shared the ways we have learnt so much from different colour gurus like Maggie Maggio, Lindly Haunani, Tracy Holmes, Carolyn Good.  We talk about the things that worked for us; the strategies that kept us energised and courageous in our use of colour. And about the things that kept us organised and grounded!

And that is the joy of face to face classes. I love the videos and pdf tutorials as much as the next woman but the joy of sharing discoveries, learning from one another, the encouragement and sister/ brotherhood that comes from old fashioned classes will win me every time. In our last class we had one participant who was nervous that she wasn’t creative and had never done a class before.  She was convinced her bossy sister was the creative one until the aforementioned bossy sister bossed her into doing a class.  All of us old timers resonated with her delighted observation that it is so absorbing!

In August and September, I will be teaching three more classes but this time, rather than looking at the inherent colour properties of polymer, we will be exploring the ways we can add colour to polymer. And the first class will focus on the stuff we probably have lying around the house! No purchases to be made, just some tidying perhaps??

#polymerartchallenge 2

Here is my day two entry for the challenge.  The riotously coloured flowers are DSCN4682components of a few necklaces I made and were made in the colours of the Pantone  colours that Carolyn Good mixes each year. These were from last year and rather different to what I would normally combine but I loved them and wear them a lot. I have sold several of these to flamboyant women who tell me they feel happy whenever they wear them which is kind of what my jewellery is all about!

Today I would like to nominate: Carolyn Good because she is one of the people who inspire me! Her approach to her business, her creativity, her generosity and those wonderful Pantone mixes in Kato clay!!!

The rules: Post an image of your work on 5 days and each day nominate another person to participate.

Carolyn’s Colours and Abundance

Two posts in one day! Not a precedent though.  Just a by-product of my Five Lovely Websites series!!

Sometimes when I first get back into my  sacred space  studio after a long break, my head is buzzing so much that I almost need to be told where to start. And this is wherephoto Carolyn Good can come in really, really handy. Each year, Carolyn comes up with colour recipes for the Pantone Colours of the Year. For a few years now, as a getting back on the bike exercise, I have mixed up the colours and waited to see what happens.  I must confess to not being initially very inspired by this lot, but you know what happens next don’t you?  This time, being in the middle of an Australian heatwave, my head said Make something with the cool colours Dave Good thought were au courant (You will have to read Carolyn’s blog to see what they were and what this means!!) but blow me down if my hands didn’t start playing with the more rangi changi* shades of Cayenne, Celosia Orange, Dazzling Blue, Freesia and an odd little teal I threw in because I was feeling game.

I read a lot over my travels as I reflected on my Word of the Year for 2014….Yes, more of that later…and a number of the things I have read have then sort of become ideas for necklaces – as they do.  This year, in a totally non driven way, I am going to make necklaces to go with different quotes I liked!

Early IconAnd then, as I was making my first beads (flowers in fact – you can see them scattered around the ladies like offerings) wouldn’t you know it but I was suddenly making an icon?  (To the right is an early icon) Ah how my heart sang!  I think last year some time I declared this to be the Year of the Bodacious Babe. Or words to that effect.  I have not made my “goddesses” for so long and when these emerged I felt so good. As I made them I was reflecting on my actual Words of the Year (WOTYs)…be patient, it comes together soon!…and thought Over time , why not make a babe/ icon series for each Word. And then I thought, Why not give the 5 readers who successfully identify when I have rabbited on and revealed my 6 WOTY in posts over time, one of the icons?  And when you hear about the first of my WOTYs in particular you will see why this is so CONGRUENT!!!  (That was not one of the words by the way! I will be more explicit than that!)

As the observant reader will note, I have several WOTYs this year-  five I chose with great thought and deliberation (much of which took place sitting in the car crossing our wide, brown land) and one chosen from my happy bag of words on clouds.  And one of them was…. abundance. (Can’t be much more explicit than that for number one!) which for me, is about being able to give abundantly. I want to be like a tree that bears lots of fruit for lots of people because I am getting watered and fed and amphoto planted in good soil.  Towards the end of last year I felt a bit like a tree in a drought. Dry, brittle and not really much use for anyone.  I have to be aware of a few things….to acknowledge the abundance there already is and to be more careful about making sure I am doing, getting the things that help me to flourish. Sleep being a biggie.  Profound isn’t it!?

So, in the spirit of abundance, one of these ladies will be sent to each of 6 readers who, some time in the future, identifies the six Words of the Year! A bit of a challenge – requires some memory skills, comprehension, diligence and all that, but these girls are waiting for special homes!  I hope these amply endowed ladies will help me to be mindful of being abundantand doing what I need to do to be sustainably abundant.

*Rangi Changi is the fabulous Nepali word for colourful.