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Self imposed limits

DSCN5174One of the things that Melinda got us to work with in Sunday’s workshop was a favourite creativity boost of mine: working within self imposed guidelines or limits.  Since my return to the Hill, I’ve restricted myself to working only with black and white and only on variations of a Skinner Blend.  It’s been part of my preparation for the course and has been really fascinating. I have looked at creating different visual effects and different forms and have experimented with both sanded then polished and lightly textured surfaces.

Even within those restrictions, there are still lots of options!

DSCN5192As a passionate lover of colours though, I am ready to give vent to my desire for more colour as I work on another aspect of the course later this week.  But there’s more Black and White exploration to come tomorrow!

Double D-dreaming and doing!

photoIf some one had walked into our class on Sunday, they may have wondered just what was going on.  Occasionally you’d hear They are magnificent boobs or Does this need plastic surgery? All in the name of creating goddesses/ gods/a green man that reflected our inner selves!

The class was created on a bit of a whim after reading a comment made by Cynthia Tinapple in her excellent Studio Mojo about needing to be Double D girls. Dreamers and Doers.  The image that popped into my mind seemed like fun and one thing led to another and there we were, with magnificently brave Ian* to balance the gender imbalance (big call for one bloke with 11 women but he wasphoto up to it), to create to our hearts’ content.

It was a class to follow instincts, to experiment wildly, to learn newphoto techniques and to walk out with more ideas.  I loved the diversity of the creations and the willingness of every participant to really follow their gut, to listen to the little voice within saying Why not give this a go? or I wonder what it would look like if I did this?

With access to inks, powders, Helen Breil’s texture sheets, home made texture tools, words they received on clouds in the beginning of the class, pre made canes (I did have rather a lot in stock!) and pre mixed colours each artist created something unique and gorgeous.  There won’t be any more of my classes until May/ June as I leave in less than two weeks. It will be a while between drinks but will keep us all going I hope!

See more photos here at the Broken Hill Regional Art Gallery Facebook page.

*Ian may not have been there totally of his own free will but never let that get in the way of having fun!