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Un viaje colorido

Hot on the heels of yesterday’s post.  Not too many words…just some pictures.DSCN4926

Loving family mock my repeated comments on the colours of all our trips….the browns (so much more than browns) in Tibet, the greens of the jungles, the reds of the Outback here at home. Oh the colours.

And, Barcelona was no different.  Vibrant, jewel-like, subtle, radiant, natural,DSCN4794 singing….oh the colours!  Look at that fruit mosaic above!

And because if I put pictures with no words they go in funny places, here is a poem I really like (thank you Jen Louden):

Heart on the Mend

You are not here a wise woman said
to fill the hole
in other people’s souls

DSCN4831You are here
to find the joy
in being who you areDSCN4793
and expressing
what you love

You are here to find and Honor
the wisdom of your heart
the knowing of your soul

And in the presence of your living loveDSCN4782
others are more likely to remember
to find and to mend themselves

Nanna Aida Svendsen in Of Water Lilies and Warm Hearts

A card carrying member of the Sona Grigoryan fan club

It has been a long while since I wrote and not surprisingly, I am almost paralysed DSCN4779with indecision about where to start. So much to say!  Two amazing, albeit exhausting months away.  To deal with my paralysis, I will do the writing equivalent of a Skinner blend…I won’t set myself the task of writing a brilliant post that conveys all I want to say but will write several smaller posts that say one or two things. Let alone be brilliant.

Today I write about the kindness of strangers and Barcelona!  And maybe it was the kindness of a not really stranger which is one of the reasons I loved Barcelona so much.

Cynthia Tinapple told me about Sona Grigoryan and Noelia Contreras, two talented w3artist from Barcelona here, here and here. I loved their work and when I knew I was going to be in Barcelona, possibly with some free time while the football was on, I emailed Sona and Noelia to see if we could connect.  To our disappointment, Noelia and I could not get together (but we will!) but Sona and I did.  She was amazingly hospitable, treating us to the most wonderful paella I have had, showing me her workspace (I will NEVER complain about lack of space again!!!) and then giving me an absolutely gob smackingly gorgeous necklace she had made especially! (Sona’s husband took the photos)

wendy3Sona shared about how inspired she was by nature and by the work of Gaudi, so much a part of the feel of Barcelona (and one of the reasons I chose to go to Barcelona en route between Malta and Nepal. Logical to me?!)  Her work is so fearless and organic (look at her latest creations!!!!) and the piece I am now privileged to own reflects this.  She wanted to combine elements of her home, Armenia, with elements of mine. The resulting necklace used an ancient Armenian manuscript juxtaposed with the famous shell shapes of our Sydney Opera House.  I feel like a queen whenever I wear it and the day I wore it at Eurosynergy in Malta (strap yourself down…another breathless post to come!) I never tired of telling the MANY people who asked about my necklace the whole story.  I reckon in five years, I would not be able to afford a Sona Grigoryan original!!!  I will treasure mine because of its great beauty and because of the wonderful memories it brings.