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Just Yellow Necklace #3


In this Just Yellow necklace, I combine shades and tones of yellow. I use stripes, spots and other shapes to create veneers which I then use to make pebble shaped discs.  These are joined with yellow O rings and I attach hand twisted cords so you can wear the necklace at various lengths. Short and close in warmer months and long over jumpers in cooler months.  Obviously I made coordinating earrings!!



My Just Range of polymer jewellery celebrates colour. Various hand mixed shades and tones of one hue are combined to create vibrant pieces of jewellery.  Each piece is unique and and styles vary across different colours. This is just me in my studio celebrating a colour and the fact that I am here doing it!  In most colours I have earrings and necklaces but sometimes I shake it up! Rings, bracelets…explore the whole rainbow and see if a piece calls you!


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