Braver than you believe pendant #4


Three discs of silver grey, paprika and coral are textured and highlighted with black. They are then layered to create a pendant that looks great and reminds us of an important truth!  The piece is very light and can be worn at varying lengths as it is tied at the back using hand twisted cord each approx. 20cm! The largest disc is approx. 6cm in diameter.

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I made these pendants when I needed to remind myself that I was indeed, braver than I believed, stronger than I seemed and smarter than I felt.  My art almost always arises from what my soul needs.  I mix colours that made me think of strength, wisdom and courage and then cut discs and textured them by hand.  Each phrase was stamped letter by letter with the hope in my heart that the wearer of each pendant would know bravery, strength and wisdom.

After curing the discs were rubbed with black acrylic paint which was then partially removed to highlight the textures and words.  The largest disc is approx 6cm in diameter, the middle sized disc is approx. 4cm and the smallest disc is 2.5cm.  The discs are held together with a specially modified screw and extra discs can be purchased to alter the colours. Custom phrases can also be ordered.

The necklaces can be worn at various lengths as they are secured with hand twisted cords using twine purchased in Chetrapati Kathmandu!

This Chicago screw feature is also used in an upcoming range of Flower pendants. Stay tuned!

Additional information

Weight 15 g
Dimensions 6 × 5 × 1 cm


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