250 Cornflower necklace


My 250 Cornflower necklace is 250cm of subtle blue elegance. Different shapes, sizes and textures of beautiful Czech glass seed beads (unexpectedly found in a Terai town in eastern Nepal!!) are combined on a single strand (2.5m) of high quality steel beading wire. The generous length and the use of a magnetic clasp or Nepali S clasp means you can wear the 250 as a necklace of varying lengths or a bracelet.  Having the clasp enhances the versatility as you are not relying on just twisting a closed loop but can wind a single strand! Believe me, there is a difference!


Once I lived in eastern Nepal in the same town as a massive seed bead warehouse. Czechoslovakian glass seed beads in a myriad of colours lined the walls where one could browse and buy. And one did!! I loved the beads and have strung them in various ways over the years.  I think this 250 design is very versatile. 250cm, yes…2.5 metres of gorgeous seed beads strung on top quality steel bead wire and joined with a Nepali silver hook or magnetic clasp. This enormous length can be doubled, tripled, quadrupled or even fivepled to wear as a necklace. I have even seven-pled it to make choker length. And you can fourteen-ple it as a fabulous bracelet.

I have used a variety of beads…tubes, seed beads, metallic, matte…in a single colour and strung them randomly to create these gorgeous necklaces. The colour range of 250 increases slowly as these babies take the!!  I hope you love them as much as I do!

Additional information

Weight 5 g
Dimensions 250 cm


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