Here are comments made my past students:

I have had the delight to attend two of Wendy’s workshops.  It was the first time I had used polymer clay and I left feeling inspired and empowered to continue my journey in making jewelry.  Wendy is a talented teacher, has a wonderful sense of colour and, most importantly, is fun to be with!

Wendy is an enthusiastic polymer clay artist and teacher.  Her sense of colour is bold and at the same time, subtle.  She teaches tips and techniques in order for her students to produce jewelry of a high standard and interest.  Doing a class with Wendy is taking an adventure with polymer clay colour and design.  I thoroughly enjoyed her class and would not hesitate to sign up for another one! Karen

I wish I lived closer to her so I could do more workshops with her. I look forward to her next one in Sydney. Leslie

The classes were very productive and very satisfying because…we made what she said we would and had heaps of fun doing it. She is a great teacher with plenty of patience and a lovely warm and friendly personality. Sharon

I attended two workshops with Wendy in Sydney on learning to use polymer clay her way, I never thought much of polymer clay as a medium until I saw Wendy’s work and then I fell in love with it and just had to do the workshops.

I have always wanted to learn more about Polymer Clay art and the opportunity to learn from…Wendy was too good to miss. Wendy made it all so easy, even for a rank beginner like me. Her step by step instructions and “helping hand” approach  took the mystery out of the process (although I have much more to learn).  I particularly like Wendy sharing her tips – all learnt through trial and error. I had a great time and the day went so fast. It was great to have a finished piece to take home and show off. I would encourage anyone who can get to one of Wendy’s classes to go for it! Amanda

Wendy’s classes are fun and inspiring. She is an excellent, patient and encouraging teacher that I have learned so much from!  Wendy I believe is the Queen of polymer “funk” in Australia. Until I met Wendy I thought Polymer was quite “crafty” and boring. She inspired me to explore the use of polymer and to create using the colours and styles I am naturally drawn to.  If you have a chance to do a class with Wendy, you will not be disappointed!