About my work

DSCN4319My art gives voice to my joy in being alive and having the capacity to create.  It is inspired by my life.

My colourful, embellished and functional pieces are influenced by my life in Nepal where I am surrounded by vibrant colour, extraordinary contrasts and a rich cultural tradition of wonderful jewellery.

Sometimes I combine polymer with semi precious stones like coral, amber,Exif_JPEG_PICTURE turquoise, lapis and silver. Stones purchased from canny, wizened men in small, dark cave-like shops where they  are brought out wrapped in dirty material and lovingly unwrapped.  Sometimes I use polymer to look like those stones!

Reliquary necklaceMy exposure to the vast outback skies and the extraordinary colours and textures of the Australian Outback can also be seen in my work.  Highly textured pieces in the bleached or brilliant colours of the desert reflect these more recent influences.  I enjoy working with organic forms and talismanic designs celebrating a connection with nature and inner spirituality.

Oscar Wilde said One should either be a work of art, or wear a work of art. I like to think we can do both!Exif_JPEG_PICTURE



2 thoughts on “About my work

  1. Belinda Flekenstein

    Dear Wendy,

    how gorgeous your jewelry is and a fascinating read also. I live in Port Stephens NSW so am unable to attend your classes, do you sell your art on -line ?
    I particularly love your bright and happy figurines.
    Regards, Belinda

    1. wendy Post author

      Thank you so much for taking the time to comment Belinda. Very much appreciated. I am in the process of getting online sales organised although at this stage there won’t be any of those figures! To think I thought I didn’t have time when I made them. Now I seem to have even less time! I have a daughter in Newcastle and may get up there teaching one day. Are you happy to be on a mailing list if I do? Regarding sales: watch this space!
      Cheers, Wendy

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