About my work

DSCN4319Let me keep my mind on what matters…which is mostly standing still and learning to be astonished.

Mary Oliver

I make my work to remind myself to stand still and be present enough to be astonished.

I primarily work with polymer clay for its responsiveness and flexibility and because it is a great material to help people reconnect with their own creativity.

Reliquary necklace

I have lived in lots of places…cities, suburbs, the edge of the bush, the edge of the desert and at the edge of the Terai region in Nepal. It all comes out in my work. I get much of my colour inspiration from walking in the bush in Ngunnawal country in Canberra. You can see more about this in a short video here.

My work is sold in various galleries and was exhibited in solo exhibition at Broken Hill Regional Art Gallery.

I teach because I love encouraging others to create.


I find it really important to clear my mind and get in a process of flow. Here is some wonderful, serene music that helps me do that. The singing bowl draws me back to Nepal.

2 thoughts on “About my work

  1. Belinda Flekenstein

    Dear Wendy,

    how gorgeous your jewelry is and a fascinating read also. I live in Port Stephens NSW so am unable to attend your classes, do you sell your art on -line ?
    I particularly love your bright and happy figurines.
    Regards, Belinda

    1. wendy Post author

      Thank you so much for taking the time to comment Belinda. Very much appreciated. I am in the process of getting online sales organised although at this stage there won’t be any of those figures! To think I thought I didn’t have time when I made them. Now I seem to have even less time! I have a daughter in Newcastle and may get up there teaching one day. Are you happy to be on a mailing list if I do? Regarding sales: watch this space!
      Cheers, Wendy

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