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Wendy Moore PortraitI am a creator and connector.  An artist and a teacher.  Ultimately, all I do is about celebrating beauty and connecting people their innate creative voice.  I know that hearing and responding to that voice transforms and empowers. I see it in my classes. I see it in the women of Samunnat Nepal.

For over twenty years my primary medium has been polymer clay. I continue to learn more about its potential and am endlessly delighted by its possibilities in terms of colour, form, texture and function.



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    1. wendy Post author

      Hello Lola,
      I have only just seen your email. SO sorry. Blame a big move! I am now in Canberra. Which earrings did you particularly like? Where they connected to a particular range? Give me some more details and I will try to help. You may of course also be referring to the earrings of the Nepali ladies and I do have some in those colours. I look forward to hearing from you.
      Thank you so much for emailing. Wendy


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