Daily Archives: January 15, 2023

Creating each day keeps the doctor away?

Recently I read about a great organisation based near Wollongong called Makeshift. I am going to learn more and write more about this later on but the good folks at Makeshift and I share few ideas!!

Like me, they believe that a creative habit can transform lives. And, as anyone who has done a class with me would know, I agree with their statement that EVERYONE IS CREATIVE. I also believe that we have made our definition of what creativity is much too limited. I know I have banged on about that before. Anyway, I try to do at least one tiny, creative thing every day. And I am regularly broadening my definition of creativity!

Over the past few weeks, my creative practice has included my almost daily linocuts, posting photos of stuff I am culling to our local Buy Nothing group (Goodness this is a fabulous group and believe me culling has to be creative!) and making things I am calling leaf sticks. No idea what these are really, but they are huge fun to make and my mum and dad loved the one I gave them to put somewhere on their beloved balcony. I mindfully collects bits and pieces on my morning walks and then create one or two sticks each week. Sometimes I listen to a podcast and other times I practise mindfulness meditation. Either way, it’s been fun and grounding. And could one really have too many leaf sticks?