One hundred days of Mt Ainslie colours

I am not even going to comment on the gap between posts. Nor will I say that perhaps I will post more often again. ( I might) It is what it is. I have missed you. I long for the days of more engaged, sincere connection that I get here than I do on Instagram or FB. I feel my days there are numbered…so…maybe….just maybe….I will post more.

Just over three months ago I decided to participate in #the100dayproject on IG. I have resolutely resisted this in the past; watching instead as diligent, disciplined souls made bowls, brooches, did yoga, whatever for 100 days. Not my bag I thought. Enough shoulds in my life without adding more I told myself. You can’t do that; you will fail said the inner critic. Then the effervescent Tracy Holmes bounced onto IG and embraced the challenge.

Maybe I  could choose something super easy.

Who follows me anyway? No-one would know/ care if I failed.

Maybe I could make it work for me???

I decided to combine two passions…colour and my walks in the bush around Mt Ainslie. For 100 days, I would

  1. go on a walk;
  2. choose something I saw on my walk; and
  3. mix that colour only using the primaries of Cyan, Magenta and Yellow +/- black (K)  or White as needed and freely share that recipe with anyone watching.

The accountability of  having to share my recipe would help me to get out there and walk. That ticked the exercise box. The practice of using just the primaries (you could do one of Tracy’s courses to help learn about this!) would be fabulous practice and ticked the creativity box. And anything that makes me walk mindfully and notice stuff is good! My kind of spirituality!

And I would be sharing. I remember being tiny bit aghast the first time I saw someone selling colour recipes for polymer. I couldn’t understand why people would BUY someone else’s recipes when making colours was so fun and, for me, such an integral part of my creative expression and process. I sense a lot more possessiveness and ownership of stuff on social media these days. There’s a whole other post to be written about this but I guess I was reacting to this…wanting a bit of a return to those early, heady, exciting days in the development of polymer clay as an artistic medium when people shared rather than sold their discoveries. Obviously, there are TOTALLY times when when an idea or technique is ours and shouldn’t be copied or repeated without permission and acknowledgement. I myself ask people to pay for classes! But I see a lot of people on social media getting snippy about someone copying their technique when their technique was being shared on polymer forums 30 years ago. End of rant.

I made all sorts of preparatory good enough statements to my IG follower about how I was human and would miss days and make mistakes. I was essentially lowering everyone’s expectations. And setting realistic expectations for myself. A very useful life strategy! And off  I set.  I was totally unprepared for how many people would be interested in the journey and encourage me along the way! People even beyond the world of polymer were following…telling me how much they looked forward to my daily photo and recipe. I missed days and the world kept turning. I made mistakes and no-one hated me. And now I have got one hundred (+) fabulous colour recipes and a palette of colours from my place…a place that grounds me and welcomes me and nurtures me.

La, enough for now. Feast or famine. It has ever been thus. Love you gentle reader. Enjoy the colours. Email me if you want the recipes!!

15 thoughts on “One hundred days of Mt Ainslie colours

  1. Dayl

    As ever you go straight to the heart of the subject with candour and irrepressible humour and articulate many thinks that have swum around in my head for ages. I loved your colour journey and you have inspired me to join Tracy’s course (when I get time I will start it!!) Thanks you generous, beautiful soul!

    1. wendy Post author

      Hello darling you!!! This is just what I mean. Isn’t this better than what we can do there. This! I would so encourage you to dive in. Even though your sense of colour is clearly extraordinary and so bloody innately gorgeous! It just makes so much sense. As I said to someone in an email, did nothing with the cards for years for fear of getting it wrong (that old chestnut)so did F all. And loved it when I finally did. The discipline of the project helped but I could just as easily do that with blog folks eh!? Mwah from chilly here.

  2. Joycelyn McIver

    Thank you for sharing your journey and creativity
    I would love your recipes please.

    1. wendy Post author

      Thanks for engaging Jocelyn!! Very much appreciated. I will email them to you separately. Remember all the “lower your expectations” advice!Wink!

    1. wendy Post author

      It was so fun Cath. Can you imagine a Nepali based one? The women in Nepal are being encouraged to do some. You can see all the originals soon!!! Mwah

  3. Pamela Parr

    lovely to hear what you have been up to you have been busy as usual
    I have booked my ticket to Nepal leaving Oct this year with the folkloric folks we are off to
    Palpa district travelling to Gulmi,& Arthakhachi from the photos looks like the ladies love their colours
    up there looking lovely in their saris

    1. wendy Post author

      That is SO exciting Pam. We are also thinking of October! Which airline and when??? Sounds like a fabulous time. We’ll divide our time between Tansen, Ktm and the girls. Years worth of catching up to do !!!

      1. Pamela Parr

        Tansen is on the list too flying Singapore from Canberra not many flights with only short stopovers this one has a few hours in Melbourne a few in Singapore same coming home Canberra is easier for Terry to drive to for drop off pick up duties you will be surprised at the cost of airfares from either Sydney or Canberra ( Canberra was actually cheaper leaving Aus on 3 October returning 7 Nov

        1. wendy Post author

          Bit nervous about what they might be!! And I did notice a LOT of variability!! So looking forward to finally making a booking! Mwah, W

  4. Nonnie

    What a way to spend 💯 days and what a lovely palette you’ve created. Will you be sharing your recipes?

    1. wendy Post author

      Hi Bonnie, thank you and I am happy to email the recipes. They are perfectly imperfect though!!! You have been warned.

  5. Colleen Hamm

    Wendy. I am so happy to have found you through Instagram. I am absolutely amazed and inspired by your artistic talent and your attitude. I would love to have a copy of your color recipes!! I am a bit of a lost creative person who has only begun to dabble in the art of polymer clay. I am interested in so many artistic forms and haven’t found just one to settle down and develop yet. I also have a love of nature. I think that is why I became hooked on your Instagram account.during your 100 day challenge I was fascinated with how you combined the found natural item with your ability to mix and create colors. Your willingness to freely share the recipes also impressed me. Because I am new to polymer clay and “challenged” by mixing and matching to creat the colors I want am one of those people who has purchased color recipes. Your generous offering to share the information is impressive and greatly appreciated. I added a bookmark to your website and I look forward to reading and learning more from you. I find your beautiful, generous, creative soul to be a ray of happiness! (Something that I was desperately needing at this particular time in my life) I wish you all the best. Thank you for sharing some of your knowledge. I feel truly blessed to have found you as a source of inspiration.

    1. wendy Post author

      What a gorgeous comment to wake up to. One of the lovely things about IG, and one that keeps me sort of hanging in there, is connections like this! I can relate so much to dabbling in many media…I have been referred to as an artistic dilettante(!). But once found polymer clay and discovered its solid colour properties, I was hooked!! It will be lovely to keep connected here Colleen! Check your emails soon. Mwah

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