Five Senses

I haven’t forgotten my poem for the month. Actually I haven’t learnt it so I can’t forget it!!  I do know what I WILL learn. And I still have a couple of days to learn it! I need to read more poetry. The poems I thought I had rattling around my head that were meaningful seem to hold less meaning now. And I don’t want to learn something just for the sake of learning it. And TBH, some are way too long!!

This month’s is a heartfelt choice for a number of reasons. It is by Judith Wright, a prolific Australian poet who was also a fellow lover of nature and being in the bush.  Judith spent the latter years of her life in Braidwood (not far from here), and, spooky coincidence, started going deaf in her 20s!! The reason I chose this Judith Wright poem is because there is a wonderful labyrinth up on Mt. Ainslie which is named after this poem.  I wandered up there creek chasing. There are no permanent creeks on Mt Ainslie but after rain there are several and I love finding them. The bark on the trees almost glows and you see more roos and wallabies. And the birds….so many foraging for grubs in the muddy ground. I collected some curls of bark and am letting ideas of a bark shards/ curls necklace rattle around. I hope that before next month I can post some photos of my polymer bark shards!!

And now the poem! 

Now my five senses
gather into a meaning
all acts, all presences;
and as a lily gathers
the elements together,
in me this dark and shining,
that stillness and that moving,
these shapes that spring from nothing,
become a rhythm that dances,
a pure design.

While I’m in my five senses
they send me spinning
all sounds and silences,
all shape and colour
as thread for that weaver,
whose web within me growing
follows beyond my knowing
some pattern sprung from nothing-
a rhythm that dances
and is not mine.