Daily Archives: January 23, 2021

Just quickly…

….thanks to my darling Cath who sent me this quote from Nick Cave’s Red Hand Files. On receiving her email I took some time to stand still and be astonished. So much. In a post on creating shitty art he says:

Creating art is about growing the world and increasing its reach, and it has more to do with the act of creation itself than what is actually made. Anything that animates us creatively in a positive way — be it the grand design of a great architectural wonder or the Big Bang of a child’s drawing — is a re-enactment of the original creation story. Whether we realise it or not, making art is a religious encounter as it is our attempts to grow beyond ourselves that energise the soul of the universe.

Gosh. Yes. What he said.

And why is this such a short post? Two reasons:

Sometimes I just need to learn to shut up and let others say stuff…even though this is my blog so that won’t happen much;

and I have been having an excellent time doing the courses I mentioned here; truly savouring and learning. Another context for standing still and learning to be astonished!

I attach my reflection on the bark shedding yellowbox trees on Mt. Ainslie and smooth, speckled stones.