Green Fingers (and a cochlear update!)

Well can I just say that it was fortunate for you lot that I didn’t write a post a couple of weeks ago when I was composing the post in my head. It would have been a miserable, self pitying rant about what giant mistake I had made getting this surgery done. I would have talked about all this green stuff I made to deal with my intense morosity. Is that a word? Should be.

But…lucky for you, finger never actually got to keyboard and time passed and BLOW ME DOWN if things didn’t improve somewhat. Everyone around me said all the things that I said as a therapist when I worked in brain injury rehabilitation…be kind to yourself, trust the process, be patient, do the homework regularly, same for everyone and it will get better. Thank goodness no one person said al of those things at once or I would possibly have decked them. And all these things were true. Life is still not acoustically rosy but it is much better and I am starting to make sense of the electronica in my brain. I no longer feel like I am living in an MRI machine (Ok, that was a slight whinge but it was such a good description of what it was like it seemed ad shame to waste it!)  The robotic speech I hear is now gendered and sometimes even inflected and I am hearing sounds I never knew were sounds! Like the washing machine coming on, referee’s whistles, car indicators. Who knew? Nearly everyone else but me.

In the midst of this I made green stuff. I used my long neglected extruder and distracted myself from my potentially giant mistake. It may have been significant that I hardly made any earrings (didn’t want to think about ears). I made wild knuckle duster rings and necklaces. And all this was a single hued (but many toned, tinted and shaded) exploration that will be enlarged on in my next post but for now…lets go GREEN!

7 thoughts on “Green Fingers (and a cochlear update!)

  1. Robin Hill

    Congratulations beautiful. You are one determined sheila. No doubt your hearing will keep getting better- although probably too slowly for you.
    And – good on you for focusing on jewellery making. I love the green pieces. Lots of love. Robin

    1. wendy Post author

      Thanks Robin!I did have a few non making/ non earring wearing days so things did get that low! Glad to be feeling more like me again now!!

    1. wendy Post author

      Oh Cara! I am no stronger than the next person but I bang on about it more and link everything back to making!! I do what everyone does which is just get on with it because there is usually no real alternative. You would have done the same!! And how lucky am I to live in a country where things like cochlear implants are accessible to everyone who needs them! Mwah

    1. wendy Post author

      Wow Sylvia!! How fabulous! It makes me wonder if all colours have such a great poem!! Thank you SO SO MUCH for sharing this.

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