Backbone jewellery

I can’t quite recall what got me onto reading Genevieve Williamson‘s blog but I am so glad I started. After a nanosecond I signed up for her newsletter and there began a friendship which I value enormously. She is a gem.  I (like many others!!) adore Genevieve’s work and after surviving a tough time several years ago I treated myself to a Genevieve Williamson necklace as a You made it gift to myself. The necklace was inspired by a quote by Clementine Paddleford (what a fabulous name?) who said Never grow a wishbone, daughter, where your backbone ought to be.” I felt like I’d shown some backbone!  I have this necklace on right now, in splendid isolation, with the fabulous drop earrings I got to go with it.

Do you like the board I painted to show earrings on? As I said on IG, she is exactly like me except for the absence of eyes, hearing aids, age spots, facial hair and wrinkles. But the lipstick and hair colour is bang on.

Just do yourself a favour and look at Gen’s website and the simply extraordinarily beautiful works of art on it.  I think you will start breathing more slowly, feel soothed, calmed, and ready to face whatever comes next with backbone.


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