Good enough

I am doing some of the things some of the time and, given the lay of the land, I am telling myself that is good enough!! This will be a catch up for those of you not following the earrings on Instagram (where I have been a bit more disciplined!) There was Anu from Samunnat Nepal modelling some colour exercise earrings that we made and that I wore on Monday. With trakky dak equivalent.

Then there was my turquoise ensemble which is another version of comfort eating for me. I may at one point have popped on something a bit less gardener’s wear…yes! I shopped for essentials!  My model is a classic isn’t she? I fell in love with her battered but stunning form at The Green Shed and she is very patient when I try necklaces out on her to see how they sit.

Then…mark the day…on Wednesday I dressed in a dress. The black version of this dress. And accessorised it with another pair of Kate’s earrings.  I love these for so many reasons and one is because they have so much heart and such story attached. Kate was thinking about lungs because she made these when fires were blazing around Australia and Canberra was shrouded in smoke. AND…she cleverly used Holi powders got from Nepal to colour the earrings. This is beautifully significant for me!

And today it is raining outside. I have been on my wettish walk and wore the earrings of the day! They are big, bold and elegant. A perfect match for the There is no planet B t shirt! My friend David from Trove Canberra makes colourful, humorous, practical, intriguing things on his 3D printer. One day he bought in an articulated gecko brooch. I told him I would wear this as earrings and he replied, Yes, YOU would. He may have been in italy sceptical if other people would. Well, he ain’t sceptical now because I suspect Dave’s articulated geckos are among his best sellers! They are light, lithe and elegant and in these days of physical distancing it is nice to have something nibbling on your ears!

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    1. wendy Post author

      Ah darling Janice, Thanks for the encouragement!! You are lovely. I could be doing something useful like studying Nepali!! I am not one of those people who has suddenly found models of time on my hands!!


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