Always make multiples

Make multiples.  I always try to and thank Dayle Doroshow and Cynthia Tinapple for making it so clear in their gem of a book, Creative Sparks  . It is fascinating to watch how something evolves when you make multiples. But what has that got to do with the earrings I am wearing today? Everything.

One day as I sat doing my shift at Trove Canberra I was looking at the lovely packaging used by Rachel of Lucian. (The scent of her Watermelon and Eucalyptus Reed Diffusers is divine.)  I am often inspired by combinations of colours, be they hidden in sun kissed lichen on a rock or flamboyantly shouted on someone’s sari!  As soon as I got home I started to mix colours to get as close as I could to those she used. Then I started on my multiples. These first earrings show the early ones that I made…pretty close to Rachel’s packaging design.

Then my voice started to be heard more clearly. I love adding textures and you can see the influence of Katy Way from Bullseye Art Studio who also loves combining texture and bold strong colour. Katie often uses acrylic paint to highlight the textures (as do I) but I decided not to for these earrings.  Mixing the striped background from Rachel’s packaging and the bold repeated circles was fun.  The process of making marks* using things I had found around the traps was like writing letter to the future wearer of the earrings.  If I had just made one veneer, and stopped pushing and playing and exploring at that point, I may not have felt like I was making something authentically mine.

The final photo shows the earrings I am wearing. And they were made with the scraps from the play! And this is one of the many things I love about working in this medium. Nothing is wasted!!

*And if you want to have enormous fun learning more about mark making and design in general, subscribe to Sage Bray’s Virtual Art Box.  This month is all about mark making!!  Such a wealth of ideas. I know I hyper link a lot and rave  about various things but there are no affiliate links (not for someone with readership in the single figures) and I just rave about stuff I love.  Which is a lot of stuff really.

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