My Heidis and the Ainslie Opera Singer

I refer to my earrings by the name of the makers. The other day I wore my Kates and later you will see my Gens and my Lindlys. Today it’s My Heidis.  I like to think I was one of  Heidi Helyard’s   earliest fans.  In a world abundantly well supplied with earrings, Heidi’s shine for being so distinctive.  She sings so clearly with her own voice (little link to the singer I mention later!).  I love these ones which combine Heidi’s love of colour and design with her love of needlework! You can see in the detailed photo to see how she has embellished my earrings with cotton as well as texture.

Heidi nurtures the community of polymer artists and approaches the medium with freshness and enthusiasm without ignoring techniques and artists from the past.  I subscribe to only a handful of things but one of those things is Heidi’s Studio Scraps, a weekly newsletter of inspiration, tips and ideas.  She’s a gem. I am a bit in awe of her and if she wasn’t so gorgeous I might even feel a bit inadequate and lazy!!

Today when I wore my Heidis up on the hill I heard opera singing. Hearing anything in my case is quite something and hearing opera singing in the Australian bush is REALLY something. I was following one of my kangaroo tracks and there she was: a tiny lady with jet black hair wearing bright yellow pants and a blue cap singing opera from a red folder. Just standing there! I sat on a rock, she didn’t notice me, and just listened until she finished and we smiled at each other.  No photos because I forgot my phone which I see as a sign of personal growth.

I wonder whether she went home and blogged about a silver haired woman wearing tattered black leggings, a threadbare maroon T shirt and FABULOUS earrings just wandering through the bush like she owned the place?

3 thoughts on “My Heidis and the Ainslie Opera Singer

    1. wendy Post author

      Thanks darling girl. Whenever I use the phrase “how’s it hanging?” (as I may have in recent correspondence) I always mean earrings. Obviously.


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