The best laid plans…

Today’s photos was meant to be be in a hospital bed with a bandaged head or an apology for no photo due to drug induced grogginess. I had it all planned!

Last year I was going to have a cochlear implant*. The plans for that were blown out of the water when I had to have surgery for cancer.  Today I was going to have a second go at that cochlear implant. Those plans got blown sky high by COVID19. I’d been expecting cancellation call for days and when it came I was a bit relieved as I didn’t want to end up with a heap of chunky, expensive hardware in my head that then couldn’t be activated due to a lock down. But…part of me was a bit sad. Another go at the build up, at readying myself for the months of post operative therapy. As they say in Nepal, ke garne?**

So today I am wearing earrings and a necklace that help me to connect with that positive, optimistic part of me who knows that if this is the worst thing the virus can mean for me, I will be happy!  I love these earrings and wear them a lot. Maybe because I wear purple a lot! But also because this ensemble makes me feel brave. I wore it to several medical appointments last year. When I wear this I remember that I am not just a scared woman but that I am a WELL ACCESSORISED scared woman. And that makes a difference!

*I am as deaf as the proverbial post. Fortunately I am a red hot lip reader but that is useless when people wear masks!

**Trans: What can you do? It is an expression of resignation accompanied by a shrug of the shoulders.

2 thoughts on “The best laid plans…

  1. Janice laurent

    Namaskar wendy Bahini, I didn’t think of the mask thing and the problem it will cause for you ,
    but hey you may be deaf and not know what people are saying and they may in return think you a bit upperty or weird…….but you will be the classiest best accessorised upperty weird lady they are going to meet in a long time.
    Stay healthy wendy and Mal they need you back in Nepal ASAP.

    1. wendy Post author

      I laughed out aloud when I read this Janice!! And then felt like crying. This will be the longest I have been away from Nepal for nearly two decades. It is really hard as you know. And they are doing it tough too. We will get there didi!!


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