Daily Archives: March 24, 2020

Earrings for rediscovering rocky canyons

Yesterday’s post was short. Today’s is a bit longer with more pictures. You have been warned.

These DIVINE earrings were made by the immensely talented and very lovely Kate Lee Foley.  Yes, I am a big time fan girl.  Kate and I had connected via Instagram but then properly met and discovered we had a lot in common: we both loved using polymer clay in our work; we were both colour fans; were both just a tiny bit introverted and both had huge respect and love for Tory Hughes. When we met we were further united in our grief at Tory’s recent and sudden passing.

Kate and I were to have travelled to Nepal on a Colourful Journey together and Kate eventually went but I had to pull out due to my rearrangement of bodily bits.  Her photos were so wonderful though and she actually wrote about the experience for the latest edition of Polymer Week magazine.

A while back as I wondered around on my beloved Mt. Ainslie, I met a bloke who built stone circles. We got talking, bloke and I, and, one thing led to another and before you know it I had accepted his invitation to come up and see my etchings…no, sorry… stone circles. Totally innocent…just two slightly eccentric people recognising one another’s eccentricity. So he took me on a walk which culminated in a fabulous and unexpected small canyon. I tried again a few weeks later to find it from another direction and found it but was physically unable to do the steep climb down to it still being in the recovery phase from the aforementioned bodily bits rearrangement.

Anyhoo, today, to my ABSOLUTE DELIGHT, wearing my Kate Foleys, I found it! I was almost in tears as I approached…partly thinking about how much better I was physically than last time I was there; and partly from joy at working out how to find it again; and partly because I feel very sad about how things are right now and in beautiful places this tenderness is almost too hard to bear.  There was a sense of sacred amidst the horror.

And because I was wearing these particular earrings, I was perfectly accessorised.