Daily Archives: March 23, 2020

They Call Me the Wild Rose…

The sound track to accompany these earrings would be this and that was the sound track I tunelessly hummed as I made them.  Lucky I work alone!

It is one of those days when overwhelm is lurking at the edges of everything.  I got a text this morning from my elder daughter saying that my 2 year old grandson asked, out of the blue, Grandma Wendy train? Well that nearly did me in because Grandma Wendy can’t come on the train and it all seems a bit hard and sad. So…simple and fun earrings for complex and not fun times! My mum talks about golden moments and in times of shittiness we remind each other about them…noticing and savouring the golden moments; not missing them just because they are fleeting. Or small. Or not the ones we wanted or planned.  We need to see the ones that are here in this present moment and savour them. Not grasp them. Just savour them. Om.

I learnt how to make the lovely loose spiral in the top of the earrings from a free tutorial here that Cynthia mentioned in a PCD years ago. I love the graphic spontaneity of it.  And the bottom component was cut from a veneer I made using slices of lace canes which I made using a technique similar to that shown here.  And the gorgeous pink is Honeysuckle which I made from one of Carolyn Good’s fabulous colour recipes. Hoping that these little earring tales bring a smile however slight. Maybe even a golden moment.