Earrings for hill walks


Today’s earrings accessorised the walk I did up the hill- taking a friend to the labyrinth and other favourite pilgrimage sights on Mt Ainslie. We kept the required social distance apart and I took his mountain goat comments as a compliment.  My earrings were made by the truly amazing Wendy Jorre de St Jorre.   A few years ago Wendy and our friend Pam stayed here after they taught at the Cotter Contemporary Craft Retreat. (Speaking of which, all things being equal, I will be teaching at in October this year. Come and join us!!)

I saw Wendy making and reducing her amazing canes and was stunned to learn that she was relative newcomer to polymer clay art. My goodness she’d learnt a lot in a short time! Her canes are astonishing and what she makes with them is beautiful and immaculately finished.  Things you just love to keep touching because they are so smooth and beautifully crafted.  I couldn’t resist earrings and a pendant and could easily have bought so much more. I had this image, before I met Wendy, of what someone who made canes like this would be like. Kind of deeply introverted, intense and aloof. THIS IS SO NOT WENDY!!! She is utterly down to earth and so generous sharing her tips and knowledge.  Every time I wear these I feel lucky to have met her.  Here is a great interview that Ginger from Blue Bottle Tree did with her which talks about the tree project.

4 thoughts on “Earrings for hill walks

  1. Janice laurent

    Enjoying your sharing wendy, and agree Wendy jorre de st Jorre is a wonderful and talented artist.
    Wendy is also a fabulous gourde artist. Hope to see her again soon at the contemporary craft retreat and look forward to seeing you there again this year.
    Stay safe and healthy

    1. wendy Post author

      Hello darling Janice. I have to confess that I am intrigued to have two comments! I planned to fly under the radar for a week or so before telling anyone what I was doing!I love that people have seen these sneaky early entries! Gourds too! Like you, Wendy’s talent knows no boundaries!


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