Daily Archives: March 19, 2020

Socially Distant Earrings

This will be the second time in less than a year that earrings have been part of a stress management technique.  I am more or less self isolating so matching earrings are not such an issue. For as long as social distancing/ isolation goes on,  I thought I’d wear a different pair of earrings from my close at hand collection. That is, the ones stored in my up-cycled dart board earring storage*.  I was going to say that there was not a whiff of Marie Kondo about this collection but that is not true! If they are up here it is because they do bring me joy! Every day, I will photograph the earrings I am wearing (maybe sometimes even of me wearing them) and upload them and a short comment to Instagram at @sociallydistantearrings

So…today’s earrings!

Strange times call for slightly strange earrings. These girls fit the bill. My polymer journey really began when I wanted to make a face cane having seen some beads in a market in Sydney’s Rocks district. This was decades ago, pre internet, pre guilds, pre related books really. There were hardly any books on polymer in Australia and so it was all trial and error. Pretty much all error really and my first face canes looked enraged or demented.  With years of practice and learning from all that error, I now teach a technique (when we can gather together again!) where people can make a face cane with a reasonable expression on their first go!!

As a friend pointed out when we passed at a safe social distance, she has to be at least 1.5m away to really focus on these girls so they are almost disease management.

*Well it seems I have not done a post about my up-cycled dart board earrings storage so I will!