Monthly Archives: February 2019

Remembering Tory

Today I am especially remembering my colourful, intense, glorious and talented friend Tory. To me she embodied rigorous curiosity and openness and helped me to take myself seriously as an artist. She was also very funny and I miss her.

We ran out of time to do all the things we had planned but we had lots of fun and learnt so much in the planning.


My Wild and Precious Life

Tell me, what is it you plan to do 

With your one wild and precious life?

The wonderful and sorely missed Mary Oliver asks this question in The Summer Day. The way I think about that question has changed.  I used to say I wanted to fit it all in. To savour every secondsuck out the marrow of life and do as much as I can. I wanted to make every second count and enthusiastically agreed with an energetic friend who encouraged busyness saying You spend a lot of time lying down when you are dead.

I still want to savour but now I believe that a second counts even if I am not cramming a billion tasks into it. I am letting go of seeing exhaustion as a status symbol and productivity as a measure of self worth*.  I hunger for times of slowness, stillness. This morning, I stopped my run mid way and walked to a favourite rock and just sat. I watch hot air balloons float and land. I listened to birdsong. I watched a shy black wallaby forage in the dirt, oblivious of my presence. I felt my breathe enter and leave my body, becoming part of the crisp air around me.

Somewhat tragically, I also had conversation in my head where I had to tell myself NOT to think about the difference in calories burnt between sitting and running. I am trying to change my attitude to food and exercise – to approach both with joy and intuition. But that is another story.  I gently told Calorie Burning girl that I appreciated her help but that right now, birdsong and stillness were what I needed.  She seemed fine. She enjoys a good morning walk too.

In other exciting news I am teaching again! Woohoo. After months of procrastination (not to be confused with savouring stillness) I have finally signed contract with the Ainslie Arts Centre and will be doing classes in one of their lovely rooms once a month.  In the first class on Sunday March 17 is Earrings 101 and creators will leave having made three unique pairs of earrings. Spaces are filling fast (beside myself!!!) but email soon if you are interested in these or any of the classes. All are on a Sunday and most hover around the third Sunday of the month as long as I am not in Nepal.

And related to that, a tutorial of mine has been accepted by Anke, Sage and the team of The Polymer Studio magazine. More news to come!  Many of the pieces in the accompanying photos are (or will soon be) for sale at Trove or Yack Station. You can’t have enough Splash jewellery really.