2019: Suck it Up!

For over a decade* I chose a Word of the Year (WotY) and the dedicated among you can read about this at your leisure because I have blogged about it since 2009**.

I searched old posts because I was trying to work out when I stopped but I always knew it was 2015.  In 2009 I focussed; in 2010 I opened and in 2011 I reflected on courage but didn’t hyperlink anything.  In 2012 I learnt more about WordPress and I laughed In 2013 I listened; in 2014 I got greedy (or afraid of getting it wrong) and created and connected.  And then I stopped.   I did send you all a nice blessing in 2016 but nothing about WotYs.  I think it is positive that I am doing both again.

There’s a few approaches to WotY. One is described here and I combine that approach with my own choose a cloud technique (Patent Pending. Ha Ha).  Family members and friends sometimes ask me to choose one for them.  There is nothing woo woo about it.  I sit and think of that person and send them a blessing of lovingkindness…May they be filled with lovingkindness; May they be well; May they be peaceful and at ease; May they be happy.

You could do worse.

And then I choose a cloud from my lovely Nepali bag. I don’t cheat. I don’t edit or swap. I just note it down. If you are reading this I have probably chosen one for you. If I haven’t, I will. Just ask. A New Year’s gift.  I remade all the clouds yesterday because the others were getting worn and I eliminated words I wouldn’t want like endure, or anything that implied suck it up, brace yourself , it’s going to be another shocker etc.  My word is SAVOUR which I like. I will try to remember to ask myself How would this activity/ day/ moment be if I bought the quality of savouring to it?  I hope that savouring will help me to notice, to observe, to slow down.  And maybe to create in response to. Who knows? I am looking forward to seeing what thinking about this word brings!

For a good NY Day read this to read all that Kerrie Sackville didn’t achieve in 2018!

*Earlier WotYs have been recorded in journals. Based on this blog, the word for 2009 was focus; 2010 was openness; and 2011 was courage

**Gosh, August 2019 will mark ten years of sporadic blogging. there should be an award for that!


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