Getting your Colour Fix this Winter

May is a glorious time in Canberra and intense blue skies are such magnificent foil for the golds, oranges, yellows, rubies and russets of Autumn.  However…as the weather gets colder we can tend to get more black, grey and white. Jewellery is a great way to inject colour into everyone’s day and I am doing lots of classes focussing on colour in the next few months.  Do one, do them all!! The classes are totally stand alone but done together form part of an intensive on colour and polymer.  Details can be found here and scroll down to Colour and Polymer 101 and 102.  However many of the classes you do, you can be assured of a creative, colourful and wonderful day and that you will leave wearing something lovely!!!  The gorgeous set of bangles on the right were made by the Broken Hill artist Wendy Martin when she did this class.

2 thoughts on “Getting your Colour Fix this Winter

  1. Deb

    I can attest to the joy of immersion in Wendy’s world of colour, I’ve been wearing the sunshine yellow earrings I made one one of her workshops and they always lift my spirits!

    1. wendy Post author

      Oh you darling thing! Thank you. You must be due for some new ones. You can restock on the 18th. Mwah.


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