Reading, doing, simple steps

I got back from Nepal just over a week ago and decided to vary the manic catch up doing all you didn’t do for three weeks routine. Just to shake things up a little and see what how kindness changed things! I had a massage, reconnected with lovely patient family, paced myself with the list of JOBS, slept often, read and was just less rabid generally. Might do it again next time as it seemed to work better than frenzy.

Before I left Australia, I read Position Doubtful by Kim Manhood.  Loved it.  On the plane I read Craft for a Dry Lake and plan to hear Kim with my mum at the Sydney Writers’ Festival in May. I love her honesty and courage.  Neither were easy books. Not through any fault of the author but because of the subject matter, the journey, and the responses each triggered in me. Very well worth the effort though.  I loved her writing…I pretended I did not really have to do it and began to make left handed preparations.  Mmmm…I am good at those left hand preparations! Anyway, good reads.

When I got back I used Breakthrough Colour to help create a new palette to work with. I chose a colour at random (BTC111 for those interested!) and then changed one component, yellow, just to see what I came up with.  Then I wanted to see what the complements of each of the resulting colours were. For those of you familiar with BTC I worked out what would bring each of those colours to 555. So, colour 101’s complement would be 454.  Always intriguing to then look at the resulting palette!  I had accidentally ordered a heap of translucent clay rather than the white I desperately needed so mixed small portions of each colour with translucent and then spent days creating textured sheets using all the bits and bobs I have collected over the years for this purpose! Very meditative.

I love making these disc beads (we call them rice paddy beads at Samunnat) so made varied sizes really wondering sometimes whether it was all going to hang together. Sometimes I would look at one stack of discs and think Myeh but then alongside a few others it really sang. Go figure.

Days of mixing, texturing, baking, boot polishing, oil painting, remaking, sanding, drilling and assembling later, I was really happy with the resulting pieces. More so because they were in colours I would not instinctively have worked with but that I loved.  They made me think of our eucalyptus gums after rain.  I make the cords myself from wonderful coloured thread I buy in Chetrepati. Twisted cords like this mean the necklaces can be worn in several lengths…I like that flexibility!  And the pendants can all be converted to brooches.

6 thoughts on “Reading, doing, simple steps

    1. wendy Post author

      I am Deb and Wendy the artist is loving it. She is so much less grizzly when I give her some time and actually very enthusiastic and hard working! I must reflect on this! And I can really see you in these colours!

  1. Tracy Holmes

    Hola Wendy. Welcome home! I’m thrilled you’ve taken some time for ‘re-entry.’ We sometimes assume traveling will afford us R&R, but it can often leave us feeling less rested than when we left. I have no doubt that this anti-frenzy approach allowed you the creative space to do this latest lovely work. I so admire your continued courage with BreakThroughColour, that serendipity + intention combo that always seems to take you to places you might not otherwise have gone. BTW, this almost-yellow yang and deep-purple yin is one of my favourite attractive opposites. I consider it a special treat that out of all the possible complementary parings (108 in the BTC boxed set) you ended up here. Keep going… who knows what you’ll discover next?

    1. wendy Post author

      Thanks Tracey! I was in the slow process of emailing you to let you know I posted this so am glad you found it! Still exploring and really enjoying this way of doing it. I love that phrase serendipity + intention. My travel to Nepal never falls into the R&R category! Fun to be sure but Kopila and I go like the clappers when we get together! It is the best kind of hard work…hard but enjoyable! Mostly. Keep an eye out for more posts like this. I am on a roll! And thank you for commenting!

  2. Kate Gilson

    Dear Wendy, just re-read this and, a month or so after return from travel and the beloved Nepal, find the gentle, restful, conscious steps wisdom that you implemented as you came home still very pertinant.
    – see how kindness changed things
    was a sentence that leapt out at me, as I start to push and pull at expectations, doings and needing to be done’s in life.
    thanks for this and best wishes with the beautiful creativity. The colors and texture leap out from the screen – I can just imagine them in the direct experience.

    1. wendy Post author

      Oh you lovely thing Kate. Thank you for commenting!! I do need to remind myself a lot…like every day…about being kind but it really has made a difference! I hope we can both keep maintaining it as the perceived pressure increases!


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