Pods and colour…passions collide

DSCN2389I love pods and seeds. I love colour. These loves have combined in a wonderfully therapeutic way.

I was going to provide countless links to blog posts about these loves but you don’t need that. One need only walk into my house to know it.  I have a Pinterest Board devoted to pods and seeds and love the work of Australian artists Sophie Munns, the ceramic art of Angela Valamanesh and more recently Anna Small‘s wonderful sculptural celebrations.  To soothe my soul, I make pods, seeds and clouds.  I made white and cream pods, seeds and clouds until I opened my Breakthrough Colour boxes.

I decided to create colour recipes for each of the cards in the box. (For me and the Samunnat girls). I knew I would go demented just working my way through the box so I chose a colour at random.

321…a steel blue.

Then I systematically adjusted the amount of cyan; then magenta; then yellow to see what colourDSCN2391 combinations arise. Man, this was exciting.  I used to be quite an intuitive colour combiner but lost some confidence. My combinations became safer and more predictable.  Using the colour cards is so freeing.  I made the colours to match those that emerge and then I make a necklace!!! Too much fun!  I keep records of the recipes and the combinations and for the first time in nearly 12 months, I’ve got that old can’t stay out of the studio feeling.

After 321, it was 511(a turquoise blue). I had to tear myself away to write this post before starting on 152. A magenta/ red…just for a change. I haven’t felt this pull for a while.  Welcome back old friend.

DSCN2399It’s going to be a slow process and that is what I am up for now. SlowDSCN2396 processes that remind me to be patient.  It is the journey, where (as my friend Tracy reminded me) the learning happens, rather than the destination.

I may keep you posted.






7 thoughts on “Pods and colour…passions collide

  1. Cath

    Oh my goodness! There are soooo many things I love about all this Wendy-didi that I shall leave it for an email. Suffice to say, I am LYS (loving you sick) and these pieces are the next best thing to sliced bread. Wonderful! Tapaiko bahini xxx

    1. wendy Post author

      Oh Cath bahini thank you. Maybe when you come up we can choose colours for you! In my case they way exceed the joys of sliced bread. Given the joys of GF sliced bread!

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  3. Cathy Logan

    Love those different colored leaves. Do you by any chance sell these? While I was looking at them I had an idea for earrings using a few of your pieces. Nice creations!~

    1. wendy Post author

      Thanks so much Cathy. It has been so liberating using the Breakthrough Colour Cards to come up with colour combinations that are different for me! I will be selling the necklaces in local galleries here ( and eventually Online but that is taking a while!) you can see two pairs of earrings in the shot that was used in PCD. Very 70s! I will let you know when I am up and running with my online shop!

    1. wendy Post author

      Thank you darling Dayle! It has been nice to finally be a bit creative again. Teaches the value of not waiting until you feel creative! And using the BTCcards has taken me in some really interesting colour directions. Good to get a bit of a kick every now and then! Hugs to you!!

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