Pomegranates and a poem

DSCN2220This poem resonated over the last couple of days.  And in my stillness I made pendants inspired by my beloved pomegranates. Symbols of abundance, patience, beauty and love.  I strung them on beading wire threaded with tiny silver pipes and beads from Kathmandu.  I don’t seem to be over this pod/ seed thing yet.

Just For Now” by Danna Faulds

Just for now, without asking how, let yourself sink into stillness.

Just for now, lay down the
weight you so patientlyDSCN2219
bear upon your shoulders.
Feel the earth receive
you, and the infinite
expanse of sky grow even
wider as your awareness
reaches up to meet it.

Just for now, allow a wave of breath to enliven your experience.

Breathe out
whatever blocks you from
the truth. Just for now, be
DSCN2217boundless, free, awakened
energy tingling in your
hands and feet. Drink in
the possibility of being
who and what you really are
so fully alive that when you
open your eyes the world
looks different, newly born
and vibrant, just for now.

4 thoughts on “Pomegranates and a poem

  1. Nandini

    This is beautiful and so is the necklace. The poem is a reminder to just be and to go easy and gently. Love you lots Wendy xx

    1. wendy Post author

      Particularly glad you liked it Nandini! Hope something nice has arrived in your letterbox!
      Big hugs, Wenyd

  2. Deb

    I’m in a challenging environment in taree right now, but out of the window I can see a pomegranate tree laden with fruit, and the sky is china blue against glossy green leaves. Just for now I’m going to enjoy that view. Much love to you wendy and thank you for sharing that poem – and your pomegranates! X

    1. wendy Post author

      Well I hope some of the fruit is available for the picking because there is nothing like a pomegranate to build resilience and help with challenging environments! Sending love. I am suspecting it is very dry and rather sad out there. I look at photos of the Hill and my heart aches. Much love, W


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