Monthly Archives: February 2016

I’m OK to go

You know how some weeks you think you’re being told something? This is one of those weeks. I am being reminded to remain open, to be curious and to have courage.

Now this is partly because I have stuck post it notes strategically around the houseimages reminding me but I did this in response to getting the nudges and wanting to remember them even when I wasn’t being …reflective!

And this has evolved into a mantra.  I’m channelling Ellie Arroway in Contact. Yup, folks. Hollywood. I had forgotten what a great movie it was but we watched it again this week when the I’m OK to go line became a bit of a catch phrase for various family members this week! Ellie’s not just telling the folks in control that she’s OK to go. She’s reminding/ convincing/ reassuring herself.

Courage is not fearlessness. Courage is being OK to go in the direction that seems best, even if you are afraid; even if you aren’t sure of what lies ahead or what outcomes will be. Courage is going with openness and curiosity; dropping the story lines you attach to things and trying to see things simply as they are.  Courage takes practice.

I’m OK to go.




DSCN2167I love pods and seeds (See my Pinterest favourites here). In funny old times it is not surprising that I am drawn to playing with the hope-filled shapes of pods and seeds and the calming colours of our wonderful eucalyptus gums…olive tinged ivories, or almost pearlescent whites with a hint of copper. Beautiful.

I have a made a few of theseDSCN2176 into BIG necklaces…the pods connected with hand shaped wire or links.  Others are a single pod hung from rich cream cords made using string and cotton salvaged from the BHRAG excess string box! I love that even the cords are hand made by me. And the metaphor of the rope, not so strong on its own but really strong when it’s twisted….

Strength, hope, openness. Good to ponder. When assembled and DSCN2169photographed, these pieces will be for sale!


Contemporary Craft Retreat-soothing the October soul

What does my soul crave by October? There are moments of being manically DSCN2109frazzled. Or stupefiedly overwhelmed.  My soul craves serenity. Calm. Completion. And the chance to play. My soul craves the opportunity to make peaceful repetitive movements and then unpredictably lash out theatrically and express my inner rebel.

So, in a ridiculously overambitious way (Hello! Tell me I am not alone here?) I have attempted to make my Mandala Angels class for the Contemporary Craft Retreat at Greenhills, Cotter Dam meet all those desires! Hooee!!! Why not go for it big time!DSCN2117

I had a lot of fun preparing for the class so hope those doing the class do too! Lots of other classes are available if serene mania doesn’t appeal. Perhaps I will see you there?