Art as Therapy: Hope

Yesterday I wrote about remembering. De Boton and Armstrong’s second function of art is hope. Read their discussion at length here where they talk about the power of art to put us in touch with a DSCN4319blithe, carefree part of ourselves that can help us cope with inevitable rejections and humiliations.  Don’t we need that?

I am an introvert but much of my art is flamboyant, over-the-top and certainly tapping into that carefree, blithe part of me that loves to play.


Certainly, the “girls” over the ages, have been truly alter egos!  Mind you, I have long ago given up hope of having boobs like theirs.





2 thoughts on “Art as Therapy: Hope

  1. deb

    The girls are glorious in every way – and so is their maker! I really like the notion that art enables and encourages the carefree side of our natures.

    1. wendy Post author

      They know how to work the room much better than me Deb! I like to think that as we age, we have the chance to reconnect more freely with that carefree side?

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