Three things

photo newAs well as wonderful friends and family, three things have made a big difference for me this year.  Practices that have helped me to recognise when I can make thoughtful choices. (In the interests of transparency I want you to know I have no affiliate link with any of these things. Or anything.  This is just straight from the heart sharing of stuff that helps.)

The first is Brainpickings. I have said it before and I will say it again: I love Brainpickings. Maria Popova curates wonderful writing and I love to read it. Reading it reminds me to think and is part of what makes each Sunday special.

A great help in sustaining a regular meditation practice in scatty times is a weekly meditation from Susan Piver.  When I am too exhausted to sit and meditate, her guided meditations are a gem.  Doing these once a week means daily meditation is more likely to happen. Having a small goal of ten minutes, means longer sessions occur. She has recently published Start Here Now and even though I have meditated in various forms for years, and read many books on the subject, I found this one terrific.

And finally, perhaps with the most profound impact, has been my involvement with The Oasis which is way less woo woo than it sounds!  A few years ago, I stumbled onto the work of Jen Louden and did two online courses (Life Navigation and Teach Now) both of which were great.  I have written about them on other occasions. This year I joined The Oasis.  Barb Klein, another participant described it like this:

Jen and The Oasis community have helped me tap into what living without holding back is for me and to take myself forward, even when I’m facing significant challenges as I have the past few months. In this time The Oasis has offered nourishment and rejuvenation to an otherwise drained and weary soul. I appreciate the forum as a gathering place where I can be witnessed and gently accepted and supported. Also, I am able to be there with others and remember that none of us are alone in our human journey.

Using poetry, journalling and writing, I have truly found an Oasis in each week. A time to give myself the gift of my full attention. To listen to my voice amidst the clamouring of others.  A new round starts later in January and I will be there.

A New Year begins and I was looking froward to it SO VERY MUCH I realised that it hadn’t even begun and I was loading on the expectations. Primarily that it wasn’t this year!!!  In a text conversation, a wise woman who has also had a really tough 2015 (let us call her my daughter) wrote: This year is going to be full of learning and listening just like the last one. It’s not going to be free of learning or mistakes. Or ill-health, or anxiety about stuff. Or frustrations, joys, creative productivity, creative stagnation.  It will be what it is.  Another wise friend, let us call her Cathy, once sent me this blessing and I send it to all my gentle readers as a New Year, with all its richness, sorrow, beauty and ugliness, success and failure, health and ill health, peace and anxiety, begins:

May you find courage, and the space between breaths, to arrange whatever pieces fall your way.

PS: the link between the photo and the post is that it suggests thoughtfulness. Not to mention includes two special people!


3 thoughts on “Three things

  1. Jennifer Louden

    oh darling i just love you. i learn so much from your wisdom and presence and heart – thank you for being in my life.

  2. The Grounded Mum

    What a beautiful thing it is that you can reflect back and see 3 things that you just KNOW were good for you in 2015! You can wholeheartedly carry them with you into the next year. You are a true inspiration and just happen to be the best mother in the world. Love you xx

  3. deb

    What wisdom and truth you’re sharing with us all, thanks you gorgeous friend. I managed to meditate just three times during last year, and each time it brought such clarity I don’t know why I didn’t do it more. There is always now. Right now. Beautiful pic as well X


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