Whispering jewellery

Well it was the right year to go grey.  With a couple of delightful exceptions, there’s been a fair bit of crap going down. The usual sort of suffering that Choose mindfullyeveryone faces: realising that the way you thought life might go wasn’t go to be the way it probably would go (even if you’d given up planning way back when!).

In another tricky year (thanks 2007) I discovered some good stuff.  Pema Chodron’s The Wisdom of No Escape helped.  The practices of mindfulnessnecklace cms meditation, journalling, walking.  Creating.

This week, the amazing Genevieve Williamson wrote in her blog about the moment she could feel her creative self emerge after a period of adjustment to Full CMSchronic illness.  Although my creative drought resulted from different reasons, I could relate.  I felt creatively spent for a long time but then one afternoon found myself creeping into my room to make. I like to think that my art is bright, colourful, celebratory but the pieces that emerged whispered rather than sang. My whispering jewellery – inspired by silence and reminding me to choose.



8 thoughts on “Whispering jewellery

  1. Pamela Parr

    Namaste Wendy,how is Nepal is it really as bad as the press is reporting,( no fuel bandas etc ) did the colourful journey trip go a head this year,or did lack of fuel affect that? planning on going back to Nepal in 2016 as I have been invited for Daishain & Tihar,but as we are planning on going to Jhapa to celebrate,the
    situation would need to improve,but I have 6 months before I need to make a final decision so hopefully all will be resolved by then but as we know the wheels turn very slowly in Nepal,Love to Kopilla and all the ladies,fingers crossed I can catch up with them next year

    1. wendy Post author

      Hi Pam, it is truly dreadful and getting worse each day alas. I plan to blog about the situation soon but please keep thinking of us. We are managing to keep going at the moment at a local level but the gas supplies will run out and then we are in real trouble.

  2. Genevieve

    Yes, I’ve ended up with more color than my usual whisper. These past 9 months I’ve not had much choice but to just let things happen. But that’s really not so bad, in fact it’s therapeutic if don’t let it bother you.
    Thanks for the “plug” here 😚 . Look forward to talking more when you get home and have some time. ❤️

  3. Lisa McFayden

    Beautiful whispering Wendy but sad to hear of your annus horriblus. May 2016 be filled wth love and laughter once more <3

    1. wendy Post author

      Thank you dear Lisa!! We hope it is a better year. And that it includes a visit or so to Newcastle! Hope we can catch up! Hugs, Wendy


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