Monthly Archives: October 2015

It’s written in the beads

So…this is what I am remembering and learning these days

DSCN1546Celebrate the good things around you;DSCN1551 make the most of what you find.  Creativity can be fostered by making do with what you have, discovering new combinations, thinking outside the box.

Be gently firm with that inner critic and be prepared to review your definition ofDSCN1556 what is essential; don’t be forever waiting for enough time or the perfect conditions.

And that good old chestnut: Notice and be grateful for the good times, enjoy them when you are having them but don’t try to grasp them; observe the bad feelings, allow yourself to sit with them and don’t try to avoid them in unhelpful ways.


I don’t need to learn or be reminded about this one: We have amazing family and friends.

And you can’t remind yourself too often to keep making time to play.