A place to create….

Reading a recent Studio Mojo, helped me to overcome the IMG_0406OVERWHELMED inertia I felt about setting up my new studio. It had become the very big unpacking too hard basket and I quite literally cried and swore sometimes when I opened the door. (I will ‘fess up….there’s been a good bit of crying andIMG_0407 swearing lately!)

Cynthia wrote about a book called The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up (which was reviewed by Heather Powers here.)  A swearing, crying, unpacking woman does not have time to read a book but one phrase from Cynthia’s summary hit home: put everything (everything!) out in one category and go through touching each item. If it sparks joy, you keep it. If it doesn’t and you are keeping it because you feel you may need it someday or you feel guilty about throwing it away – it’s IMG_0408time to let it go.

Obviously a mixed media artist will need things someday but I really thought more deeply about this. What did I want to use rather than what could I use? What had I held onto (over many years and carried to many homes) because one day I might use it?  The simple step of sorting a pile of stuff into what bought joy and what didn’t was somewhere to begin.  (Disclaimer: I did have a Stuff that didn’t bring joy but needed to be kept box….I knew I would need those papers at tax time.)

Marie Kondo, the book’s author,IMG_0409 encourages people to store and classify using what they already have rather than rushing out to…IKEA say….and buying more. For years I have been saving two old printers’ drawers and I decided that instead of keeping them in bubble wrap until I did whatever I was waiting to do with them, I could use them for storage in a way that would inspire me and bring joy.

I did buy a few things.  I cheated a bit because being the nation’s capital, Canberra does have a IMG_0404great ex Govt. Furntiure disposal store and I could not go past this old office locker/ post cupboard for storage!  Or the old drafting chair!!

There’s still away to go, and good golly won’t it be good when I spend more time creating, but for now, thanks Cynthia for getting me started.

8 thoughts on “A place to create….

  1. Lisa

    Darling Wendy, what an awesome effort! I hope you’ve bought the place though and not renting- I can’t imagine having to go through that again in a hurry…

    1. wendy Post author

      Oh Lisa, I don’t think I’d have coped!!!! It was initially a prospect…rent first then buy but fortunately we saw this great place and didn’t have to double shift!! It was a very nervy auction though, sitting in the park in Broken Hill with our fingers crossed!

    1. wendy Post author

      Deb we both now that in our most evolved moments most things (like say gardening, writing, speaking, getting dressed) can be a work of creativity if not high art. Bring on those evolved moments eh!

  2. wendy Post author

    This was Cathy’s comment lodged under one of the photos:
    Gees Lousie…this is like all my ‘art studio dreams’ come true….it’s really wonderful and looks GREAT Wend! Remind me to tell you about Mrs Hall and her art studio one day….Well done. Great work! Keep going! XXX
    and here was my reply!
    Oh I wish it looked that clean again now. I possibly have 5 cm square of space now! Still at least I am back on the bike there too! Love you bahini!

  3. Marlene Brady

    You have inspired me to get up from the computer and “tidy up a bit”. I overwhelm myself with the excitement of creating the image I have in my head. I’m finishing the pieces from Clay Carnival and in the meantime I am finding the most wonderful materials & mediums for the completion of other projects. They sit on my work table amongst my current works in progress (causing more clutter and less space) until I “see them completed in the end product”. Sometimes this is right away and sometimes weeks later. I’m in overdrive right now; the dining room table is even covered. But, I will get up right now and sort (starting with clearing the dining room table). Thank you.

    1. Wendy Moore

      I so know this feeling Marlene. And we all know that any space mad will be filled soon but at least you can have creative fun filling it! I am looking forward to seeing your post Carnival pieces!

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