Back on the blogging bike….

What have I been doing?

IMG_0401A lot.  Moving over 1000 kms interstate with all that entails. Setting up a house and a studio and learning to cope with a capital city with innumerable roundabouts rather than a mining town with three sets of traffic lights. I climb Mt. Ainslie from my back gate every other day and delight in a profusion of art galleries. (The photo is of James Turrell’s Within Without at the NGA) I adore Broken Hill but am learning there is a lot to love about Canberra. Not the roundabouts.

What have I been reading?

Poetry! After years of neglect I have rediscovered my love for reading poetry. Reading a poem aloud can be very soothing.  Joining Jen Louden in The Oasis has provided a wealth of poetry resources to explore. I especially liked this one this week.

What have I been listening to?

Well, you all know hearing’s not my strong suit but the birds around our new homeimages-6 work hard to keep me in their loop.  We share our garden with gang gang cockatoos, crimson rosellas, sulphur-crested cockatoos, currawongs, magpies, parrots and galahs.  I can look out my kitchen window, see Kangaroos and hear the birds and forget about the roundabouts.  The photo of the gang gang is from the Birds in Backyards site.  A cracker for wannabe twitterers.

What have I been making?

DSCN1529Not much!! Setting up a home, learning my way around, and dealing with the bureaucracy associated with an interstate move takes time! I have made something special which I may be at liberty to reveal soon.  Here is a sneak preview!

Tomorrow I will post some shots of the studio! I’m taking it slowly….


7 thoughts on “Back on the blogging bike….

    1. Wendy Moore

      Greetings neighbour! Although I think you are having fun up north now! Your van sounds divine Pam and I hope you keep having fun! Thanks for the welcome message! Much appreciated!

  1. Marlene Brady

    Good to hear you are settled, creating and reading poetry to feed your soul. I received my “hello” from Natalia and Dani on your behalf…..thank you. It was a wonderful surprise and meant a lot to me. Looking forward to the reveal.

    1. Wendy Moore

      Oh me too Marlene! So glad that D and N delivered that hug! It was very heartfelt and I guess you must all have had a fabulous time! We are having our own Clay retreat here in Canberra starting tomorrow. I can only make it to a couple of days bout am looking forward to the connection!

  2. genevieve

    There are different “seasons” in life – some of them include less creating than others. Learning that here.
    Sending love!

    1. wendy Post author

      Thank you dear Genevieve. Sometimes it can be a tough lesson to learn eh? Love gratefully received! Hoping your creative season is nigh! If not upon you ( as it looks like it might be on Instagram!)

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