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A place to create….

Reading a recent Studio Mojo, helped me to overcome the IMG_0406OVERWHELMED inertia I felt about setting up my new studio. It had become the very big unpacking too hard basket and I quite literally cried and swore sometimes when I opened the door. (I will ‘fess up….there’s been a good bit of crying andIMG_0407 swearing lately!)

Cynthia wrote about a book called The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up (which was reviewed by Heather Powers here.)  A swearing, crying, unpacking woman does not have time to read a book but one phrase from Cynthia’s summary hit home: put everything (everything!) out in one category and go through touching each item. If it sparks joy, you keep it. If it doesn’t and you are keeping it because you feel you may need it someday or you feel guilty about throwing it away – it’s IMG_0408time to let it go.

Obviously a mixed media artist will need things someday but I really thought more deeply about this. What did I want to use rather than what could I use? What had I held onto (over many years and carried to many homes) because one day I might use it?  The simple step of sorting a pile of stuff into what bought joy and what didn’t was somewhere to begin.  (Disclaimer: I did have a Stuff that didn’t bring joy but needed to be kept box….I knew I would need those papers at tax time.)

Marie Kondo, the book’s author,IMG_0409 encourages people to store and classify using what they already have rather than rushing out to…IKEA say….and buying more. For years I have been saving two old printers’ drawers and I decided that instead of keeping them in bubble wrap until I did whatever I was waiting to do with them, I could use them for storage in a way that would inspire me and bring joy.

I did buy a few things.  I cheated a bit because being the nation’s capital, Canberra does have a IMG_0404great ex Govt. Furntiure disposal store and I could not go past this old office locker/ post cupboard for storage!  Or the old drafting chair!!

There’s still away to go, and good golly won’t it be good when I spend more time creating, but for now, thanks Cynthia for getting me started.

Back on the blogging bike….

What have I been doing?

IMG_0401A lot.  Moving over 1000 kms interstate with all that entails. Setting up a house and a studio and learning to cope with a capital city with innumerable roundabouts rather than a mining town with three sets of traffic lights. I climb Mt. Ainslie from my back gate every other day and delight in a profusion of art galleries. (The photo is of James Turrell’s Within Without at the NGA) I adore Broken Hill but am learning there is a lot to love about Canberra. Not the roundabouts.

What have I been reading?

Poetry! After years of neglect I have rediscovered my love for reading poetry. Reading a poem aloud can be very soothing.  Joining Jen Louden in The Oasis has provided a wealth of poetry resources to explore. I especially liked this one this week.

What have I been listening to?

Well, you all know hearing’s not my strong suit but the birds around our new homeimages-6 work hard to keep me in their loop.  We share our garden with gang gang cockatoos, crimson rosellas, sulphur-crested cockatoos, currawongs, magpies, parrots and galahs.  I can look out my kitchen window, see Kangaroos and hear the birds and forget about the roundabouts.  The photo of the gang gang is from the Birds in Backyards site.  A cracker for wannabe twitterers.

What have I been making?

DSCN1529Not much!! Setting up a home, learning my way around, and dealing with the bureaucracy associated with an interstate move takes time! I have made something special which I may be at liberty to reveal soon.  Here is a sneak preview!

Tomorrow I will post some shots of the studio! I’m taking it slowly….