Daily Archives: June 23, 2015

A Desert Love Song #2

Something strange happened last night.  It is similar to what happened during the earthquakes where I didn’t react quite the way I expected to.  It 20140807_174210may be linked to a kind of new post earthquake perspective…what my guru mum would call having a cosmic perspective.  I got the letter from the BH Regional Art Gallery telling me that my Desert Walking Gown had unfortunately not been selected as a finalist for the 2015 Outback Open Art Prize.

I didn’t cry. This is weird. I felt very disappointed but, and maybe at 54 this shows progress, I didn’t go straight to what Pema Chodron describes as the storyline. I just stood quietly for a little while and felt disappointed, really felt it; noticed the feeling in my body without fighting it, and then noticed that I couldn’t actually make myself feel disappointed for any longer.  The20140808_172013 stronger feeling was one of accomplishment and joy and happiness.  The fact that it wasn’t selected didn’t make it feel like any less of a love song.  And my darling husband is so excited about the challenge of transporting it 1100km. He loves a good transportation challenge and I am always sure to give him plenty!

The other thing that helped was looking at the list of finalists. Omygoodness! There are some very talented artists there and for 20140809_085837anyone in the area when the Exhibition is on (July to August/ September), it will be one to savour!!!!

I have some music playing on random as I type and serendipitously, a WOMAD discovery that has been on high rotation post earthquake is playing. Wrap your ears around The Gloaming….

PS darling Ana, is it OK to use your gorgeous photos for this post?