A long time coming

And I am not talking about the regularity of blogging!  Darling family members and friends have DSCN1037put up with me banging on about something for nearly 12 months now and the great day has finally arrived. I made a decision last year that I chose not to implement until today.  I celebrated it with these pieces.

Today I had my last colour. If I had done this when I decided to, my hair would be at a dreadful, horrible, disgusting stage right at the time of my gorgeous elder daughter’s wedding (next week) and the temptation to hit the bottle again would have been, I feared, too strong. So I am a brunette for the wedding but am now steeled for 2 years of skunky hideousness and potentially vibrantly emerging hair authenticity.DSCN1077  No plans for a pixie and at this stage hoping to be brave enough to go cold turkey. Euck.

Months of people thinking I have really let myself go. Maybe two years of ombre awfulness.  People thinking my husband looks really young.  I have studied the Pinterest pages of good transitions and great looking long haired silver sisters. For a while I avidly read the experiences of others with long hair on Going Gray, Looking Great. I bought Anne Kreamer’s book.  I have looked admiringly at long haired silver lovelies like Yasmina Rossi and Jodee Anello. I may have got a tiny bit obsessed.  But now it’s time to act. Or not act.

I suspect posts about going grey are really, really boring to anyone not choosing to do this so I will not talk about it again, maybe occasionally posting a photo or two of the journey, but otherwise, just letting nature take her course.  Some of my tribe think I’m mad, some think I’m brave and my already magnificently silver buddies (some well under 50) think it’s fantastic. Who knows. I approach with tenderness, curiosity and hopes that I can be very very patient.

5 thoughts on “A long time coming

  1. Marlene Brady

    Wishing your daughter much happiness! You will look stinkin stunning going grey! Wear colors that compliment your skin tone and you’ll be happy as heck. Can’t wait to see the before and after photos!

    1. Wendy Moore

      Thanks for this encouragement Marlene. I know I will need it on the way! Your latest post makes me think very seriously about that head sculpting class. I loved the ones you made!

  2. Deb Hunt

    Hope the wedding is wonderful for you all and rest assured – silver grey will be the perfect backdrop for all your colourful clothes and jewellery. You will look stunning my very dear friend. Absolutely stunning. x

    1. Wendy Moore

      I am preparing the specialist range. My hairdresser said people with grey hair need to wear bright colours. Um…we’ll see how I go. ROTFL!! Thanks for the encouragement Deb.

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