Just a tiny bit excited…..

My darling friend Tory sent me a link yesterday to a talk Maria Popova gave about the combinatorial nature of creativity.  It contains many gems but this really resonates:

…creativity is combinatorial, [in] that nothing is entirely original, that everything builds on what came before, and that we create by taking existing pieces of inspiration, knowledge, skill and insight that we gather over the course of our lives and recombining them into incredible new creations.

Tory Hughes is someone who has contributed so much to the creative output of socollage 15P1 v1 many artists. It is no coincidence that she and another fabulous mixed media artist, Dayle Doroshow, were mentioned in several of the articles in the current edition (Diversity) of The Polymer Arts magazine.  Not just mine.

(Was that the Segue of the Century?)

That’s right. If you look at the collage of pages shown here, you will notice a magenta coloured one headed Exploring Oblique Strategies. THAT’S MINE!!!!  The article is about using Brian Eno’s Oblique Strategies to enhance creativity and diversity.  I am so excited to be in this terrific magazine which brings joy, stimulation and delight with every edition, and exceptional joy and delight when I am in it!

Read about Wendy Jorre de St. Jorre, Heather Campbell, Wendy Wallin Mallinow, Ann and Karen Mitchell and other diverse artists.  Be inspired. Be very inspired!

6 thoughts on “Just a tiny bit excited…..

  1. Deb Hunt

    Woo hoo! Many congratulations to a very creative artist – and that was such an oblique and modest segue I had to read it twice to realise you were featured!! x

    1. wendy Post author

      Deb, it even uses the phrase “I allow Brian Eno to whisper sweet nothings in my ear”. How creative is that? I have not had quite as much published as you! If you were to blog about everything you had published it would be many posts! Looking so forward to the next BIG publication. And anything else you may be planning!

  2. emily

    Congratulations Wendy!
    Fair enough being excited – publications are very exciting! I hope you had a little celebration. 🙂


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