Taking a plunge

I create and I connect. I create designs for Samunnat, I connect with people who support us and buy beautiful Samunnat jewellery. I create my own art; I create and connect through classes and articles. I want to create and connect with clarity and abundance.  So I am making some changes to my website to do that.

DSCN0930The regular visitor to this blog (and may your god bless you!) may have noticed some of these changes! Like the vanishing comments! (I think that is fixed now.)  Or the challenge to subscribe…still working that one out!

In an attempt to embrace a growth mindset and become more independent, I am doing an online course for artists who want to create their own websites. To say I am not naturally gifted in this area is a massive understatement so it will be a testament to Susan Lomuto and the patience of Cynthia Tinapple when I can finally think For now, I’ve done it.  Unlike most website designers who no doubt have mantras like Beautiful website, Beautiful experience or We develop Smart Ideas mine is No-one will die if you press this button.

So, bear with me while I tweak, explore, press wrong buttons, discover new strengths and skills and create and connect in another way.  And feast your eyes on these babies: my personal flyer and business cards and the flyer for the magical Colourful Journey! Very exciting!

4 thoughts on “Taking a plunge

    1. Wendy Moore

      Thanks Marlene. So excited we can all see comments again. Gosh I loved your sari beads. I am going to send Kopila the link so she can show the girls. They will love the whole presentation! Thank you for calling in! Hugs from here, W

  1. Deb Hunt

    Aha welcome back Wendy! It’s been an act of faith, sending comments into the ether, not knowing where they end up. Good luck with the website, loving what you’ve done so far! x

    1. wendy Post author

      Thanks so much for sticking with me Deb and having faith! Nice to finally have a teeny sense of knowing my way around! Still a huge amount to do though!!

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