#polymerartchallenge 5

This is another piece made for the exhibition. Regular readers will know that I haunt our DSCN3218local tip looking for things to up cycle and this was an old Twinings tea box that now houses my texture tools. I based my design on the intricately silver work of Tibetan prayer boxes (gaus) and included images that are significant to me: tiny lapis birds (joy), a coral dagger (wisdom), turquoise (resilience), a small white cloud (patience), a lotus (growth), a pomegranate (creativeDSCN3215 fertility) etc These are all just things I made up. Anyway, the figure is called Sraddhaa as this is the Nepali name the ladies gave me.  It means reverence, devotion.
Nomination: Angela Bucolo –  fearlessly creative, gorgeous woman!
The rules: Post an image of your work on 5 days and each day nominate another person to participate.

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