#polymerartchallenge 3

A real quick one! My third selection for the #polymerartchallenge is a very sentimental Exif_JPEG_PICTUREone! These beads were made in Nepal and it was from these that the idea for the Samunnat Sari beads evolved. The Sari beads then became necklaces we sold in the very early days when we were truing to establish ourselves. We approached a Fair Trade organisation in Kathmandu several times and it wasn’t until we showed them our sari beads and our bahini beads that they took notice of us!  Making the sari beads using Makin’s extruders donated by Jen Tattam from Metalclay became aExif_JPEG_PICTURE standard part of our training for new ladies and the ladies still love making these when they get the chance.  My early versions are all sold now and I hope are still making their owners smile.

My nomination for today is an artist who constantly inspires, delights and shares: Genevieve Williamson

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