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I have several lovely friends who I have never actually met face to face.  The immensely talented Australian mixed media artist Sabine Spiesser is one of those friends. Sabine IMG_8471sm-150x150should be much more famous than she is!!!  Just look at the brooch on the left and these pieces of art! Yesterday, Sabine sent me an email to tell me that the Samunnat ladies and I had been nominated as part of Donna Greenberg’s Facebook Polymer Art Challenge.  An artist is nominated to display one piece of their work per day and also to nominate another artist each day.  Sabine knows that I am not on Facebook and that the Facebook person for Samunnat is barely Facebook literate (and there may be a link between those facts!)

Darling Sabine thought that this should not stop our work from being shared andExif_JPEG_PICTURE volunteered to present pieces from us via her own Facebook page and the special Facebook sharing page (you can tell by the non specificity of my language that I am still really not quite getting this!). Thank you so much for looking out for us Sabine!!!  I will post Samunnat’s first picture on the Colourful Journey blog tomorrow but don’t want to distract anyone from our wonderful virtual guided tour! Here however, I will post the picture of my art that Sabine posted today.

I wanted to nominate Sabine but she is a very humble person and said that, as she had already been nominated, she would decline.  Another person I want to nominate though is Heather Richmond of Over the Rainbow. Heather was the first Australian doing polymer that I met and since that time she has been such a gentle, reliable, generous source of support and encouragement.  And she made beautiful polymer items!!  She and lived in the US for some time and learned from some of the greats!  I will email Heather to see if she would like to be involved in this.  Being a Facebooker she may already be ALL OVER IT!

This particular figure is significant to me as she was made in Nepal during a time of abandoned play combined with sheer terror about the momentous move to Nepal that we had just made. She is very much my alter ego. I would look at the colours of ladies clothes over there, choose a combination that excited me and work with that for a month. I loved the luxury of immersing myself in those colours. These were the earrings darling Kopila Basnet saw me making when we met and she asked if I could teach the ladies about polymer.  And the rest, as the saying goes, is history.

Sabine, here’s to the day we finally catch up in person! We can discuss real estate!

6 thoughts on “#polymerartchallenge 1

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  2. Sabine

    Wendy, you are so sweet. I am sure we will one day meet either in your area or mine. I am so in awe of what you have done and are doing for the ladies in Nepal. All the hardship about the move have been really worthwhile from this perspective. I am so thrilled they are enjoying the craft so much.

    1. wendy Post author

      Sabine, we (the ladies and I!) are so very grateful to people like you who look out for us! I am in awe of YOUR work Sabine and got an email from my mum this morning saying how amazing she thought your work was triggered by her reading the blog! As I said, the world should know about you!! Hugs and again, thank you.

  3. Deb Hunt

    I’ve just checked out Sabine Spiesser’s work – absolutely beautiful. Thank you so much for sharing it. And what a talented woman Heather Richmond is too. Lovely to have ‘met’ them both through their work.

    1. wendy Post author

      Ah Deb, aren’t they amazing? I first met Heather under the bridge over the Yarra in Melbourne and it felt like I was meeting a guru! She had been taught by some of the names I had only ever read about. This was pre internet (can you believe. Well pre me having any concept of it) and talking with Heather was like opening creative floodgates! And Sabine’s work is just totally incredible. So awesomely finished and the colure are sumptuous!


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